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Kadampa Meditation Center
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Tell us about the exciting new developments at KMC NM.

We are delighted to be relocating to East Nob Hill. For the last two years we have been renovating the old Red Cross building one block north of the Highland Theater. It is a beautiful 1940s style brick building that is now adorned with Buddhist artwork, much of which was made by volunteers here in Albuquerque. This project has been a wonderful journey and is a huge accomplishment for our community. And we hope that our work will benefit the greater community as well by offering an oasis of peace in our city. “When you go into a Buddhist temple you feel peace. When you leave, the next person you encounter benefits. That can go throughout the entire city. We feel that is our public service,” said Administrative Director Kelsang Menla, the monk who has been overseeing the project.

When is your open house?

Sunday, March 13, 12-3pm, we are offering refreshments and guided tours of the new facility. Everyone is invited to enjoy the peaceful ambience of the new gardens, community spaces, bookstore and spacious meditation room that seats 200+ with a stunning shrine cabinet that features contemporary Buddhist statues and artwork. Not only beautiful, the artwork depicts enlightenment and inspires visitors to see their own potential for transformation.  We invite you also to experience a free guided meditation at 1pm and 2pm.

Why meditate?

We all want to be happy, free from problems and enjoy our life. Meditation gives us a peaceful state of mind, and when our mind is peaceful we are happy, even if external conditions aren’t perfect. Meditation also reduces stress, improves our relationships and helps us to deepen our spiritual perspective. Additionally, we are in the best place to help others because we are more positive and wise. There are so many benefits to meditation!

Isn’t learning to meditate pretty hard?

In meditation we learn to control our mind, which simply takes familiarity. Just like we can develop the muscles in our body when we lift weights, so we can develop our mind when we meditate. The key is consistency, even just 10-15 minutes a day reduces stress, improves health and makes difficulties easier to bear. If you have tried it on your own, but found it difficult to sustain, you may find that the support and inspiration you get from a weekly meditation class makes all the difference.

What’s a good way to begin?

We offer several introductory meditation classes each week.  Thursday evenings our resident teacher and American Buddhist nun, Kelsang Lhadron, combines guided meditation and practical Buddhist wisdom to provide profound and effective solutions to daily problems.  This month the topic is “Conquer Anger.” In April we will do a meditation series called “Healing Anxiety.” Drop into any class 7-8:30pm. 

Our Sunday morning meditation class is great for families. Parents can enjoy some quiet, quality meditation time and a practical teaching on Buddhist philosophy while their kids listen to a teaching on loving kindness, engage in art activities and also learn to meditate.

You mentioned a free E-book?

Yes, you can download a free copy of
Modern Buddhism: The Path of Compassion and Wisdom by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso at This book offers practical wisdom solutions for daily problems and inspires us to make our lives truly meaningful. Many of the meditations and teachings at KMC NM are based on this special, modern presentation of Kadampa Buddhism.

What is Kadampa Buddhism?

Kadampa Buddhism traces its roots through Tibet in an unbroken lineage back to Buddha Shakyamuni (624 BC). Our modern presentation was first introduced into the West by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in 1977. The emphasis is on integrating the practical wisdom of Buddha’s teachings into daily life. KMC NM is part of the New Kadampa Tradition, an international non-profit organization with over 1,100 centers and branches in 42 countries.

Give us an example of a practical meditation.

Meditation isn’t just stopping thinking. It is also directing our thoughts in a way that leads to an experience of inner peace. Here’s one that is really simple, but incredibly effective in improving relationships: Think of someone you have some conflict with, but instead of focusing on their faults, mentally list five of their good qualities or acts of kindness.  Notice how focusing on someone’s good qualities creates mental peace. Then just abide with that sense of inner peace for a couple of minutes. Repeat as necessary!
Kadampa Meditation Center

Kadampa Meditation Center

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