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KiMo Theatre
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The KiMo Theatre is Albuquerque’s favorite historic landmark where you can experience live performances, art, movies and more.

The KiMo Theatre, a Pueblo Deco picture palace, opened on Sept. 19, 1927. It was commissioned by the innovative Oresete Bachechi, who had envisioned a Southwestern style theater for Albuquerque.

Pueblo Deco was a flamboyant, short-lived architectural style that fused the spirit of the Native American cultures of the Southwest with the exuberance of Art Deco. Pueblo Deco appeared at a time when movie-mad communities were constructing film palaces based on exotic models such as Moorish mosques and Chinese pavilions.

Each of the myriad images of rain clouds, birds and swastikas have historical significance. The Navajo swastika is a symbol for life, freedom and happiness.

A large fire in the early 1960’s nearly destroyed the stage and severely damaged adjacent areas at the front of the auditorium. The KiMo fell into further disrepair following the exodus from downtown that so many American cities experienced in the 60’s and 70’s. Slated for destruction, the KiMo was saved in 1977 when the citizens of Albuquerque voted to purchase this movie palace.

Vivian Vance, who gained fame as Lucille Ball’s sidekick in the "I Love Lucy" series, performed at the KiMo. The theater also hosted such stars as Sally Rand, Gloria Swanson, Tom Mix and Ginger Rogers.

The KiMo Theatre is available for self-guided tours during regular business hours, except during scheduled activities, please call ahead to check availability.

KiMo Theatre

KiMo Theatre

KiMo Theatre

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