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I was the co-founder of a popular New Mexico-based software company called which I spent seven fun-filled years building from nothing into something very special. I sold my part of this company to my co-founding partner in late 2014 to pursue other interests. After cashing in on HoldMyTicket, I took my family on a year-long cross-country RV trip which was amazing. However, I’m now back in Albuquerque, starting over, and carving out a new niche for myself.

I work with Galles Chevrolet in Albuquerque specializing in Chevrolet’s amazing new high-tech electric vehicles, the VOLT and the BOLT. I am passionate about technology and sustainability, and my objective is to educate people on electric cars, get people excited about them and ultimately get more people on New Mexico’s roads driving them! If you have not driven one of these vehicles, you need to do yourself a favor and take a test drive. When I drove my VOLT for the first time, I was amazed by the incredible and unique driving experience with no transmission and completely quiet electric operation, both in-town and on the highway. Electric vehicles are also very quick and responsive with surprising power, defying the misguided notion that electric cars are notoriously “slow” and “unreliable.”

I believe that within 10 years the majority of new cars sold will either be electric or hybrid. Solar power and renewable energy are our future and they go hand-in-hand with electric vehicles. Working with EVs led me to get involved in solar, and I’m currently also offering free solar consultations. Most people don’t realize that a home solar system can be purchased for less than the cost of their electric bill and can be paid off in short order.

I’m interested in developing long-term relationships and helping people purchase a car that really suits their needs rather than just making a "quick sale." I am not a high-pressure sales guy and I want people to feel good about a purchase so that in the future they will come back and send their friends. In fact, I’m offering a $100 referral to anyone who sends me a car buyer.

Of course, many of Chevy’s gas cars are now approaching 40 mpg. And even though I have focused my efforts on Chevy’s EVs and hybrids, I am also more than happy to help get a customer into a Malibu or Spark, or a Tahoe or Silverado truck, or any other type of automobile that suits their needs.

My cell phone number is (505) 934-9988. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you out in any way.
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