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Moji Studios
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Who is Moji Photography?

We are an exceptional photography studio that produces inspiring images that are bursting with excitement and personality. Moji means “To Remember,” and it is our commitment to help you remember the ones you love in an extraordinary way.

Is Moji a new photography studio?

We have happily served the Albuquerque community for years, but were formally known as Kim Jew. Moji chose to separate into its own unique studio to better facilitate all of the diverse services we offer.

What makes you different?

Moji is redefining Albuquerque photography in a new and dynamic way! Our goal is to bring out your personality and charm in every image while providing an engaging session. Moji is working hard to add charisma and excitement to portrait photography.

What should customers expect from a Moji Studio session?

In our studio sessions, we are incredibly motivated to create an engaging and dynamic atmosphere. Our photographers will work to encourage a lively energy while personalizing the session to meet your expectations.

TIP: Bringing in fun or personalized items to incorporate into your session makes for a memorable experience and deeply meaningful images.

What types of studio sessions are there?

Our photographers are highly experienced in photographing a variety of sessions. We have family, children, high school seniors and even business sessions to meet your needs. Call to find the perfect session for you!

Does Moji do more than studio photography sessions?

Our incredible diversity of services sets us apart from most studios. Moji owner Paul Jew, Kim Jew’s brother, has been instrumental in diversifying our company beyond our studio services, to accommodate schools, athletic teams, churches and fundraising.

How does Moji give back to the Albuquerque community?

Moji most recently raised over $3,100 to support Officer Webster’s family during the holiday season. In the last year we have raised over $169,000 for the churches, schools and charities in the Albuquerque area. We are happy to support the city we love!

What is your newest adventure?

Our newest endeavor has been establishing Moji Cinema. With Moji Cinema, we make films to connect people and places through visual storytelling. We combine your narrative in a commercial form to help promote, inform and inspire. Our team will script and storyboard your piece so you can visualize it before we start the journey of creating your powerful narrative together.

What is to come at Moji?

We are especially excited to be preparing for our Mother’s Day Special that is just around the corner. It is inspiring to see the families come together to make Mother’s Day memorable. Our mothers have such an incredible impact on our lives and it is amazing to have the opportunity to honor them.
Moji Studios

Moji Studios

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