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Morningside Antiques
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Today’s Musings by Christian Dimery

After a long, cold season of waning interest … the pendulum is swinging and antiquing is on the rise again. It’s a welcome trend in recent months. Each day Morningside fills with first-time shoppers and buyers.

“I thought I might have to tie pork chops on everything to attract buyers for a while!”

But the tide is shifting. Why? Here’s a combination of factors: time, value for money and community/global consciousness.

Time is two-part. First, trends are cyclical and the pendulum is swinging back. Second, time is precious, more precious than money truthfully. Who has the time to investigate every estate sale, garage sale and online listing? Better to condense the effort into a specialty venue where all the time-consuming work has been done for you.

Value for money is an increasingly important factor. If the experience of buying was only about the cheapest price, there would be no incentive for better quality products.

“Everyone has a magic number they are willing to pay for quality.”

Community/global consciousness is a biggie in favor of anything. We all serve the community by shopping locally and save the world’s resources by using what’s already here. It’s a win-win, win win won combination.

Here, I could blow my own horn, tout my wares or brag of our accolades. Instead, I’ll leave it to you to investigate.

“I wonder if you might find Morningside a good fit?”

I’ll say this, I double-dog dare you to come in and not have a great time or be astounded. You create the economy and the community by your choices. Come “vote” with us?

“This is a lifestyle store.”

Morningside is so different from other antique stores that it’s transcending the category. What separates us? It’s my vision for a store that offers the cream of the crop—all recycled, not junky, not dirty, not a flea market and not a museum. The store is beautifully staged as a home to spark your creativity and afford you choices. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and non-commissioned. We allow people to maximize their time and receive lasting value for their money, while doing something good for the planet and community, by purchasing “recycled” goods locally.

Morningside Antiques is a singular experience, blending elegance and oddity. An homage to what people see as beautiful, useful and desirable. Established in 1987, this shop is a 10,000 sq. ft. adoption agency for fabulous, wayward antiques. Here, a majestic taxidermy oryx presides over an 18th century Italian console. Nearby, a stack of leather medical books perch upon a 1960s lucite loveseat. Rich colors and textured carpets sprawl underfoot. Medical accoutrements, bones, meteorites, sterling, crystal, jade—you name it. Wide price ranges, layaways and discounts.

We are open daily 10-5 in East Nob Hill on the corner of Morningside and Central.

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