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My Vinyl Offer
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How did you get started in this business?

It was my first job out of high school in 1986. We were the largest volume record store in the Philadelphia area and a national top 100 billboard magazine reporting store. I love music and it was the most fun job I ever had.

Why did you go back to this owning this business?

It was my passion and I always thought that a record store would be my rocking chair after raising my family.

What is your business philosophy?

Provide cool affordable music to the masses.

What separates you from your competition?

My number one customer needs to be the kids. In order to do so, I’m attempting to drive prices down to where buying a few records doesn’t wipe out your paycheck. If the vinyl industry is to thrive and survive the kids have to be part of the plan. I have nothing against the collectors, but they are not my first priority.

What is your company’s greatest asset?

Customer service. Currently the bulk of our sales are in the used market which has its limitations with availability of titles. When we’re out of stock on items we do our best to log our customers’ wish lists, and notify them if and when we find what they’re looking for.

What are your short-term growth goals?

Open a westside store and then a Santa Fe store to maximize our ability to purchase all available used vinyl from the public.

What are your long-term growth goals?

Once we have 3 stores we would like to expand and become a secondary distributor to all of the mom and pop stores in the southwest that offers twice a week deliveries to all major cities.

What’s your biggest challenge?

Restocking the best titles. The highly sought after titles move fast so an aggressive restocking plan has to be a priority and has been successful so far.

How can your company innovate?

We are looking into starting a vinyl recycling program. There’s a lot of crappy vinyl out there and it seems that recycling and providing the vinyl to the manufacturers would have its benefits. The current problem with new vinyl is the cost of it. Recycling seems to be the best way to bring that down.
My Vinyl Offer

My Vinyl Offer

My Vinyl Offer

My Vinyl Offer

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