This Is Albuquerque: The Candy Lady

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Candy Lady storefront
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After being in one Old Town location for more than 30 years, the Candy Lady moved a few years ago to a new locale in Old Town at 424 San Felipe and continues to be among Albuquerque’s most popular sweet shops. Don’t be fooled by imitators. There is only one Candy Lady!

The Candy Lady’s business is firmly based on two things: great candy and great service. “We make several kinds of fudge, with and without chile; bonbons and truffles with caramel and nuts; chocolate-dipped strawberries; and 60 varieties of licorice,” said owner Debbie Ball. “When people come in, we greet them, give them samples and enjoy every opportunity to visit with them. I don’t think anybody can beat us for customer service. That’s why people come back.”

Most recently, The Candy Lady has gained fame as a one-stop shop for items based on the famed “Breaking Bad” television series, including crushed blue crystal candy, t-shirts, coffee cups, the Heisenburg hat, custom PEZ dispensers, lapel pins and more.

As always, The Candy Lady retains its X-rated confections that earned the shop widespread media coverage in its early years. (Remember when North Valley churchgoers expressed their objections by picketing in front of the store in the early ‘80s?)

Stop by The Candy Lady and say “hello” to Ball, who is almost always working at the store and giving customers her special perspectives on life and chocolate.
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The Candy Lady

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