A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Points: Photos From Our Sixth Annual Scavenger Hunt

Photos From Our Sixth Annual Scavenger Hunt

Laura Marrich
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A PictureÕs Worth 1,000 Points
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Any one of the 70-odd teams that signed up will tell you: Our photo scavenger hunt ain’t easy. But they’ll also be quick to add that it’s one hell of a good time.

A big round of applause to the people who participated over the weekend of Friday, Oct. 21. Even if you didn’t win, we hope you learned a few things about this city, laughed out loud more times than you count and kept yourself out of the E.R. Here’s a slideshow of shots from the hunt (above).


The Winner!

Flickr submitter and Edie Falco look-alike Donna J. James nabbed the most points this year. Part of her haul included two city councilors (Trudy Jones and Brad Winter, 40 points each) and a photo of the elusive pumpkin spider (25 points). But more than those rare finds, Donna was tenacious—she ticked off tons of the small-potatoes items, which added up in a big way.

Congratulations, Donna! Come by the
Alibi office (413 Central NW) any time between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to pick up your prize package.

What Donna Won

Eternal glory, plus

• A dance instruction package worth $135 from
Arthur Murray (2801 Eubank NE): two private lessons, one group class and one practice party

• Two tickets to a
Blackout Theatre production (blackouttheatre.com)

• Two rounds of mini-golf at
Golfernoggins (4910 Lomas NE)

• Dinner at
Umami Sushi & Asian Cuisine (6601 Fourth Street NW)

The List

Blue Alibi box (10)

Glass recycling drop-off (10)

Lychee in the shell (10)

Disney princess piñata (10)

Shoes hanging from utility wires (10)

On an escalator (10)

Birkinstocks with socks (10)

Wearing a neck brace (10)

Bacon as a mustache (10)

Fractal (10)

Wheatpaste art (10)

al pastor (10)

Your tax dollars at work (10)

A donation (10)

Bad grammar (10)

Lithograph (10)

Harry E. Kinney statue (10)

Camp Coyote information booth (10)

Used steering wheel from a car parts recycling place (10)

Making a sleeveface (10)

Toucan (10)

John Gaw Meem building (10)

Candy car (10)

Parking enforcement officer (10)

Working slot machine (10)

With a quizmaster (10)

Door to nowhere (10)

Concrete thunderbird (10)

Toddler-size blue car (10)

Someone you don’t know napping in public (10)

Bailbondsman (10)

Portable school room (10)

Asian temple/wat (10)

American flag garage door (10)

Squirrel (10)

Dreidel (10)

Safely planking (10)

flanking (15)

Alibi art box (15)

Wagon on a roof (15)

North Golf Course eighth hole (15)

Priest (15)

Rollerblader (15)

Filled hummingbird feeder (15)

Tarot reading (15)

On a tractor (15)

On a balcony (15)

Café racer (15)

In the midst of a dance party (15)

Vegan milkshake (15)

Halloween or Dia de los Muertos tattoo (15)

Local business that opened in October (give name and date) (15)

Blood pressure machine (15)

Horse mural (15)

Werner-Gilchrist house (15)

Roadrunner (15)

Art car (15)

Prairie dog (15)

Jesus graffiti (15)

Juggalo/juggalette (15)

A location where something exploded on an episode of "Breaking Bad" (15)

Goose (15)

Homemade green chile stew (15)

Car club jacket (15)

"Wanking" at a local guitar store (15)

Pit bull with a bandana scarf (15)

Bouncy castle (15)

Someone dressed as Spider-Man (15)

"Burque" signage (15)

Firefighter in uniform (15)

Tamagatchi (20)

Car with more than 10 full-size bumperstickers (20)

Someone playing a grand piano (20)

Pharmacist in a lab coat (20)

Creepy cowboy (20)

Postal worker in shorts (20)

Recumbent cyclist (20)

Hipster on a fixie (20)

Someone wearing a Christmas sweater (20)

Lifeguard (20)

Extremely pointy cowboy boots (20)

Scale that gives you horoscopes (20)

Docent (20)

Brick of Black Cats (20)

Reading about Elfego Baca at a public library (20)

With your Second Life avatar (20)

Lady mechanic (20)

In a crawl space (20)

Veteran (give name and military branch) (20)

Jockey (20)

Cable Channel 27 headquarters (20)

City bus with bikes mounted on it (20)

Another unrelated team taking photos for the scavenger hunt (20)

Thermal heat pump (25)

Wall made from tires (25)

Someone in a unitard (25)

B-boy/B-girl in a backspin (25)

Flamenco dancer (25)

Lost in a corn maze (25)

Canine agility course (25)

Someone wearing a duster (not the cleaning implement) (25)

Copy of
Future Shock at a thrift store (25)

Pumpkin spider (25)

Pre-’60s bus (25)

Re-creating the cover of
Abbey Road with a group of complete strangers (25)

DWI checkpoint (30)

Buddhist nun (30)

Drag queen or king (30)

Full mariachi band (30)

Onstage with a live, local metal band (30)

Cross-eyed cat (30)

Larry Barker (30)

Person dressed in buckskins (30)

Don Schrader (30)

Film/TV crew in action (30)

City councilor (collect all nine!) (40)

Imam (40)

Geraldine Amato’s car (40)

Rainbow (40)

Orbit (40)

Lobo Louie (40)

View from the top of the tram (50)

Triplets (must be human) (50)

Steven Michael Quezada (50)

The mayor at a marathon (60)

Double Rainbow (70)

Susana Martinez (80)

Bryan Cranston (90)

Val Kilmer (100)

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