Best Of Burque 2016

Renee Chavez
1 min read
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Abraham Lincoln once said, “The ballot is stronger than the bullet.” While we seriously doubt he was referring to the election of Albuquerque’s Best Parking Lot to Make You Lose All Faith in Humanity, Best Uber Driver, or Best Gay Bar, the essence of his sage words still rings true. The Alibi‘s “Best of Burque” was created so you, dear readers, don’t have to fight over or guess who are the royalty in this great, dusty city. Congratulations to the winners, sympathies to the losers, and a massive thank you to our readers who showed up online in record-breaking numbers this year to share their opinions about who the best really are. The votes have been cast, the people have spoken. So without further ado, we give you the best that Albuquerque has to offer in the categories of arts, services, goods, kids, pets, night life, music, local flavor and life in Burque.
Best of Burque 2016

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