Day Tripper

Renee Chavez
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Day Tripper
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As every adult with an office job knows, it’s hard to get away. There’s always a meeting you’ll miss, a project that needs your attention, a full inbox awaiting your perusal, a co-worker that really needs to speak with you. In this day and age, it’s difficult to resist checking your email on your phone and just let go of it all for a few hours. The last time I managed to escape the call of work, I found myself in a tiny pizza parlor in Colorado, exhausted and yet totally alive after a full day of snowboarding. After ordering, I gazed around, taking in the décor of twinkle lights and snow sport paraphernalia. Above my head was a quote painted on the wall, “The mountains are calling and I must go,” by John Muir. I read it again and realized that is exactly it—that tingling at the back of your neck, the tapping of your foot despite exhaustion—it’s that spirit-deep need to get out, to escape, to return to the pine-needle cradle of the animal buried deep in your heart. So, fellow human, take these pages of guides and experiences and use them as a match to light a fire under your own adventure-seeking ember. Pick a place on the map. Go.
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