Idiot Box: Bringing Out This Season’s Dead Tv Shows

Bringing Out This Season’s Dead Tv Shows

Devin D. O'Leary
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The 2014/2015 fall/spring TV season is officially over. The major networks are about to go into “upfront” season, announcing all the shows they’ve got lined up for the upcoming 2015/2016 season. But what about all the shows we just got done watching? What are the networks getting rid of to make room for the new stuff (half of which will be canceled too)? Let’s see what it is we’ll never see again.


The immortal crime solver series “Forever” had its fans, but not enough to make it in prime time. ABC touted diversity with the Hispanic-led sitcom “Cristela,” but it won’t be back for a second season. The non-Hispanic sitcom “Manhattan Love Story” was watched by precisely no one and ended up being the first network television cancellation of the fall season. The dead-people-coming-back-to-life series “Resurrection” was intriguing, but got lost among TV’s sudden trend for dead-people-coming-back-to-life shows. The soapy drama “Revenge” had a good run at four seasons, but bowed out in May. “Selfie” with Karen Gillan and John Cho had some charisma, but only made it four months before disappearing. Surprisingly, generic cooking competition “The Taste” made it three whole seasons before getting the chop.


Movie/book spin-off “About a Boy” squeezed out two truncated seasons—better than “A to Z,” which only lasted one. “Allegiance,” a remake of an Israeli spy drama, made it five low-rated episodes before being exiled to Hulu to burn off its story line. “Bad Judge” lived up to its adjective as one of the least-appreciated sitcoms of the fall/spring season. DC comic adaptation “Constantine” got better with every episode, but NBC didn’t like the cost-to-viewership ratio. Producers are looking for a new home on Syfy or possibly Netflix. “Marry Me” and “One Big Happy” were added to NBC’s growing pile of sitcom corpses. Dramedy “Parenthood” left after six seasons, while beloved comedy “Parks and Recreation” called it quits after seven. Political drama “State of Affairs” did no favors for star Katherine Heigl (or was that vice versa).


Cop comedy-drama “Battle Creek” checked out after only 9 midseason episodes. Family sitcoms “The Millers” and “The McCarthys” (you sort ’em out) are gone. Police procedural “The Mentalist” wrapped up after seven seasons, while “Two and a Half Men” was put out of our misery after 12. Police procedural (CBS does love the genre) “Unforgettable” was canceled for a
second time by CBS. But fans will be happy to note it’s been picked up for a fourth season by A&E.


FOX tried to launch another quirky detective with “Backstrom” but failed. Serial killer drama “The Following” vanished after a second preposterous season. BBC mystery remake “Gracepoint” limped through a single season. “The Mindy Project” was canceled after three seasons, but could be picked up by Hulu. Comedian John Mulaney’s self-titled sitcom “Mulaney” was dead on arrival. For some reason FOX’ teens-dying-of-cancer series “Red Band Society” didn’t strike a chord with viewers. Reality show experiment “Utopia” ended in complete and utter disaster.


The CW, with few shows to count, took small-town doctor drama “Hart of Dixie” off the schedule after four seasons. Supernatural/sci-fi drama “The Messengers” (shot here in New Mexico) had no such luck, crashing and burning after three episodes.
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