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Devin D. O'Leary
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Adding Aug. 20: Good Kisser, John Was Trying to Contact Aliens

Adding Aug. 21: The Sleepover

Adding Aug. 23: 1BR, Summers of Shiraz

Adding Aug. 26: Rising Phoenix

Leaving Aug. 20: Bad Rap

Leaving Aug. 21: Just Go With It

Leaving Aug. 23: Fantastic

Leaving Aug. 25: Blue Is the Warmest Color

Stream Time Amazon Prime

Adding Aug. 21: Chemical Hearts

Adding Aug. 22: The Legion

Adding Aug. 23: Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Stream Time Hulu

Adding Aug. 20: Daffodils, Unacknowledged

Adding Aug. 24: The Roads Not Taken

Stream Time Disney+

Adding Aug. 21: Back to the Titanic, Beauty and the Beast
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