Idiot Box: Quick Newsbites From Around The Tv Dial

Informative Tidbits From Around The Dial

Devin D. O'Leary
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Sharks Win

I give Syfy Channel a lot of crap for all its ridiculous, animal-based horror movies. And yet, the silliness often pays off. The June 25 premiere of the Saturday Original Movie
Swamp Shark (not as dumb a title as Ice Spiders , but close) pulled in around 2.2 million viewers. That’s the biggest Saturday night audience on Syfy since the September 2010 telecast of Sharktopus . Bottom line: Expect a hell of a lot more shark-based movies from our friends at Syfy.


It’s good news and bad news this week for Charlie Sheen. The good news is he may have a new sitcom deal. Radar Online claims he’s signed a deal to star in a show for Lionsgate Television (which produces “Mad Men” and “Weeds”). TBS is said to be the “front runner” to pick up the series. All this information comes from an unnamed “insider,” however, and may not be the gospel truth. If it does come to fruition, the new show is said to showcase a similar character to the one Sheen played on “Two and a Half Men”—only raunchier. Hmm. Sounds like a reality show. Speaking of Sheen’s character on “Two and Half Men,” here comes the bad news. TMZ says the show’s producers are planning to kill off Sheen’s alter-ego Charlie Harper in a fiery car crash on the show’s Season 9 premiere. So much for the possibility of Sheen’s return. Ashton Kutcher has already signed on to take Sheen’s place as one of the two and a half men. The revamped show will likely debut in late September.

Short, You’re In!

Martin Short is scheduled to take over as Jason Segel’s new boss on the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” Short will replace Dave Foley who took on the recurring role last season. Foley had to bail on the role, having landed a sweet spot on the upcoming CBS sitcom “How to Be a Gentleman.” That new fall series, co-starring Mary Lynn Rajskub (“24”) and Kevin Dillon (“Entourage”) is based on John Bridges’ book on modern manners.

More Sizemore

Crazy actor / reality show star / celebrity porn participant Tom Sizemore has landed a recurring role on Season 2 of CBS’ solid revamp of “Hawaii Five-O.” He’ll play a former Detroit homicide detective who now heads up an internal affairs division in Honolulu—giving him plenty of opportunity to harass our loose-cannon hero Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin). Sizemore has been relegated to straight-to-video movies for the last several years since his ignominious stint on “Celebrity Rehab.” (The guy has already appeared in 20 films this year alone, including the as-yet-unreleased animated flick
Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D .) Sizemore’s the second high-profile actor to join the “Five-O” cast in recent weeks. Former “Lost” graduate Terry O’Quinn signed on as McGarrett’s former Navy SEAL trainer and will be featured in several episodes of the fall/spring season.
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