Idiot Box: Tidbits From Around The Dial

Tidbits From Around The Dial

Devin D. O'Leary
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Chat Stew

Showtime is planning on adding its very first late-night talk show. This half-hour series will feature TV and podcast personalities Desus Nice and The Kid Mero. Of course Desus and Mero already have half-hour late-night talk show (called “Desus & Mero”) over on Viceland. The show has been running there for two seasons. Although Viceland has yet to comment, it looks as if this new talk show deal will effectively kill off their current talk show deal. The duo are expected to “speak highly off the cuff” and interview guests from pop culture, sports, music, politics and more when the (as yet unnamed) show premieres on Showtime in 2019.


Are you a fan of “GLOW” (Netflix’s ’80s-set wrestling dramedy, set to return for Season 2 on June 29)? Well, AXS TV (itself a partnership between Mark Cuban, Ryan Seacrest and the Anschutz Entertainment Group) is joining forces with Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, “Survivor” creator Mark Burnett and real-life GLOW impresario David McLane to reboot the campy sports entertainment league. According to a press release, WOW—Women of Wrestling (as it will now be known) is set to debut “action-packed, all-female pro wrestling bouts presented with the theatrical flair of a major concert.” AXS TV (home to lots of concerts and some MMA fights) is promising to provide television production, cable and satellite distribution for the new WOW events. AXS says it will start recording WOW events in Los Angeles later this year for broadcast in early 2019. McLane created GLOW—Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling back in 1986. The character of financier/founder Sebastian Howard (played by Chris Lowell) from Netflix’s “GLOW” is loosely based on McLane. No word on who the new female grapplers will be.

Lucifer, Resurrected

Yes, it’s true: The supernatural crime-solving series “Lucifer” is moving from FOX to Netflix. The streaming service announced the move with a June 15 Twitter post reading, “#Lucifer fans, rejoice! Netflix has picked up the show for a fourth season!” Fox recently canceled the show, loosely based on the Vertigo comic book by Neil Gaiman. “Lucifer” joins “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” as the second FOX series to get snapped up after the end of this past TV season. (The latter show was saved by NBC.) Fox dumped the two shows last month, signaling a shift toward broader, multicamera sitcoms like Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” (itself salvaged from ABC’s trash bin). No word on when “Lucifer” (which ended on a cliffhanger) will start shooting again for airing on Netflix.

Klepper On, Klepper Off

Comedy Central continues to have a hard time finding an effective partner to pair with mock newscast “The Daily Show” after losing “The Colbert Report” back in 2014. The cable network just announced it is closing up shop on “The Opposition With Jordan Klepper” after 10 months on the air. Klepper, whose current show mirrors conspiracy-minded TV talkers like “The Alex Jones Show,” is expected to transition to a weekly half-hour show. The new show—tentatively titled “Klepper”—is slated to launch in early 2019 and will feature the comedian “out in the field, traveling the country and speaking to people.” The final episode of “The Opposition With Jordan Klepper” airs June 28.
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