Idiot Box: “Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” Hits The Road

“Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” Hits The Road

Devin D. O'Leary
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Tim and Eric (Heidecker and Wareheim, respectively) are the stars of “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” The surreal sketch comedy show is a staple of the late-night Adult Swim programming block on Cartoon Network. In an attempt to break out of the studio, Tim and Eric are touring around the country with their Tim & Eric Awesome Tour, Great Job! Chrimbus Spectacular 2010, which will alight in Albuquerque on Monday.

Alibi was supposed to run a telephone interview with the performers in this issue, but they never bothered to call us back. This bummed us out. An alternative e-mail interview was suggested, but they didn’t respond to our questions. This leads us to one of three conclusions. 1) Tim and Eric are big-shot Hollywood assholes who aren’t interested in piddly local print media. 2) Their publicist is a lying jerk. 3) Our questions were offensive and/or uninteresting. I guess we’ll never know. (We were assured that the boys had “turned down plenty of amazing opportunities”—the inference being we shouldn’t feel too slighted.)

The fifth (and possibly final season) of “Tim and Eric Awesome Show” ended on CN in May, leaving longtime fans with a major Jones. The show (which still airs in reruns on Adult Swim) is a freaky-odd parody of bad television, the kind you see on late-night public access television. Strange commercials, incomprehensible show clips and a parade of cheesy video effects crowd the colorful, green-screen-loving show. Tim and Eric have an uncanny ability to talk friends into doing some mighty weird stuff—hence, guest appearances by Michael Ian Black, LeVar Burton, Michael Cera, Peter Cetera, David Cross, Ted Danson, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Odenkirk, Paul Rudd, Weird Al Yankovic and tons more. Most famously, actor John C. Reilly has appeared time and again as the unhelpful medical advice expert Dr. Steve Brule (who got his own spin-off, “Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule,” this summer).

Hoping to fill the void left by their show’s hiatus, Tim and Eric have launched a multicity comedy tour, which leads up to the duo’s “Chrimbus Special,” airing in December on Cartoon Network. A promo recorded by the duo describes the show as a remake of
“Jaws 1 and 2 ,” complete with guest appearances by Worf and “Captain P’Kard.” None of those things is true. What it entails is seriously up to conjecture. There will, at least, be appearances by Neil Hamburger (the off-kilter, Tony Clifton-ish stage persona of comedian Gregg Turkington) and the band Pusswhip Banggang (a parody of ’70s soft rock supergroups). It will, without a doubt, be a night of head-melting humor.

Tim & Eric Awesome Tour, Great Job! Chrimbus Spectacular 2010

Monday, Nov. 8, 8 p.m.

Sunshine Theater

120 Central SW

Tickets: $25 before service fees through, all-ages

“Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Chrimbus Special” airs Sunday, Dec. 5, on Cartoon Network

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