New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase

Nm Filmmakers Get Their 40-Plus Hours Of Fame

Devin D. O'Leary
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After a few years of chasing hungrily after that Hollywood dollar, the New Mexico Film Office is slowly turning its large, bureaucratic eye toward the homegrown New Mexico film scene.

Starting this Friday, thanks to a grant from Gov. Bill Richardson and our state legislators, the Film Office will coordinate a mind-boggling seven-day showcase of local talent. The New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase, unspooling at the Guild Cinema in Nob Hill, will feature over 40 hours worth of shorts, features, films and videos–all of which spotlight local directors, writers, actors, etc. Despite a growing number of outlets for local talent–from the Santa Fe Film Festival to TromaDance New Mexico to the Alibi Short Film Fiesta–this is an unprecedented event.

“I can't think of another time in local filmmaking exhibition history that so much time has been given over to New Mexico resident-made films and videos,” marvels Guild owner Kief Henley, who helped organize the non-juried show.

Henley says the films cover a very wide spectrum. “The subject matter is everything from farming in northern New Mexico to zombie films.”

This smorgasbord of talent has even inspired local film journalist and blog writer Gene Grant ( to view all 40-plus hours. “The blog will be a document of the most comprehensive unfolding of New Mexico independent filmmaking to date,” says Grant. “There will be real-time reviews, some observational musing and an occasional cry for help, I'm sure. Wish me luck.”

All screenings are free and open to the public.

Fri, June 24

4:30: “The Seekers 'n' Me” (Michelle Faucher, 12m), “A Tribute to Richard Farnsworth” (Tom McCarthy, 9m), A Piece of the Anarchy (Marcus Page, 69m)

6:30: “The Super Porno Friends: La Zombie” (Heidi Griffin, 23m), “The Face of Joe the Killer” (Brandon Scott Jensen, 52m), “Public Reading” (David C. Herman, 9m)

8:20: “Expo” (Martin Wilson, 26m), “Arrhythmia: The Music & The Man Behind Fast Heart Mart” (Robert Nakai, 32m), “Chromophilia” (Sarah Wentfishing, 10m)

Sat, June 25

11:00 AM: “La Provincia De Navajo” (Roberto Valdez & Dennis Chavez, 19m), “Shipibo-Konibo” (Willem Malten, 100m), “We're Moving!” (Roberto Codato, 10m)

1:30: Collecting Rooftops (Billy Garberina, 105m), “Poetry Television's Volume 8: Hey Johnny” (Stavros, 29m)

4:05: “The Pellucid World” (Kyle Silfer, 5m), “Operation Night Crawler” (Bryan Konefsky, 14m), “Catching the Light” (Marie Michele, Jasmin Belisle, 8m), “Ghost Flower” (Ed de Buvitz, 3m), “Sense” (Ben Popp, 9m), “Shrapa” (Dax Thomas, 3m), “Empty Room” (Sarah Williams, 7m), “My Darlings” (Sheilah Wilson, 5m), “Perish and the Noth” (Marica Woske, 13m), “Happy A Death” (Saul Rodgar, 20m)

7:00: Cross (Chris L. Dillon, 61m), “Stuck” (Aaron Hendren, 18m), “The O'Keefe Case” (Rudy J. Miera, 12m)

8:50: “Something Red” (Scotty Miller, 12m), “Gronk's Brain Flame” (Hue Walker/Gronk, 5m), “European Love? Again?” (Nicholas Aase, 2m), “Frozen Lake” (Karen Hipscher, 5m), “The Legend of Aerreus Kane” (Lance Maurer, 17m)

Sun, June 26

12:00 noon: “Bus Stop” (Brian Gillespie, 25m), “LANL Scholarship 2005” (Patrick R. Epstein, 13m), “Abdullah, My Father” (Sibel Melikm, 15m), “The Child that Nobody Wanted” (Angelica Vigil, 45m)

2:00: “Doll Chase” (Alexander Paul, 12m), “The Line” (Brent Peterson, 9m), “Rupert!” (Kevin Rupp, 2m), “A Very Bruckheimer Christmas” (Chris Diestler, 23m), “Orange Barrels from the Phobosphere” (Josh Goble, 25m), “The Genetically Modified Foods Kitchen” (Christine Chin, 20m)

3:50: “Superpup!” (Kurly Tlapoyawa, 3m), A Girl + A Gun (Tim McClelland, 100m)

5:50: “Awakening” (Mae Lockhart, 9m), “Cowboy Video” (Frank Melcori, 3m), “Into the Workforce” (Colin Gabriel, 4m), “Road Kings” (Dennis P. Meyer, 18m), “Spectrum” (Keith Baca, 30m), “Wings” (Julie Reichert, 16m), “Unhinged” (Corey Steven New, 21m)

7:55: “Dan Steele Private Eye” (Steve Niforos, 40m), “Lesson Learned” (Jeremy Orr, 12m), “The Lone Agent Collection” (Eric Smigiel, 44m), “Malasueños” (Adrian Harlan, 23m), “White” (M.M. Rempen, 10m)

Mon. June 27

5:30: “The Roommate” (Daniel Chavez, 25m), Baptists at Our Barbecue (Christian Vuissa, 93m)

7:50: “Unzip” (Bo Bergstrom, 50m), The Music of Ann Myeth McCoy, The Natural Thing to Do (John Denys McCoy, 85m), “In These Shoes” (Craig Stephenson, 5m)

Tues, June 28

4:30: “Fire Hazard” (Dan Otero, 35m), Taking the High Road To Madrid USA (Sky Fabin, 96m)

6:50: Do It For Uncle Graham (Candy Jones, 87m), “Games of Inua” (Maya Salgarek, 28m)

9:00: “Within Me” (Andrés Armijo, 35m), “Why Get Married?” (Anne Carter Stirling, 54m)

Wed, June 29

4:00: “Old Farming in Southwestern NM” (Allen Noakes, Tessa Brown, 16m), “Modern Day Ranching in The Bootheel of of New Mexico” (Remington Hurt and Zachary McDonald, 8m), “Burgett's Geothermal Greenhouses” (Sandra Veleta, Gerardo Reyes, Marissa Elias, 14m), “Current Farming and Irrigation” (Joli O’Byrne, Darci Kerr, 11m), “The Routes: Then and Now” (Alexis Benoit, Casey Jackson, Cole Jackson, KC Del Peterson, 10m), “Eng. I (9)/Short Stories Eng. I (8)” (Freshman 1st Period, 30m/45m)

6:30: “Short Stories English III” (Juniors 3rd Period, 30m), “Short Stories English III” (Juniors 5th Period, 45m), “Animas Public Schools: The Hub of Communication” (Raynee Ward, Alex Walter, Chanz Robbins, Brady Payne, 9m), “From Tale to Text: The Progression of Historical Documentation” (Laura Dawdy, 8m), “Old Time Ranching” (Katherine Cavaliere, Starla Richins, Sarah Store, 4m)

8:20: Albuquerque Denver Phoenix (Kids on Coffee, 80m)

Thurs, June 30

4:30: “Tribe By Choice” (Katya Miller, 10m), “Combatant” (Emmanuelle Sainte, 116m)

7:00: “The Bernadette Seacrest Experience” (Jonathan Straun & Jean Davis, 13m), The Trail of Painted Ponies (Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker, 90m)

9:00: High and Dry: Drought in New Mexico (Joe Day, 57m)

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