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Devin D. O'Leary
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Award Winners- -Gov. Bill Richardson recently announced the recipients of the New Visions/New Mexico Contract Awards. In its inaugural year, the program is providing 12 contracts totaling $160,000 for New Mexico-based producers and directors to create narrative films, documentaries, animation and experimental works.

Narrative Films: Ilana Lapid of Las Cruces recieved $15,000 toward the short film “Red Mesa.” Set on a cattle ranch in southern New Mexico, “Red Mesa” is a coming-of-age story in which a young woman comes face to face with the painful realities of the border. Matthew Linnell of Albuquerque got $15,000 toward the short film “Uncovered.” The film is about a wealthy Anglo family coming to terms with a newly arrived Mexican immigrant family. Nancy Holley Hughes and Eileen Oliveri Torpey of Santa Fe were awarded $15,000 to develop The Resurrection of Honore Page: Black Cowgirl . The film follows the journey of Honore Page as she regains her faith and traces the voice of her Cherokee grandmother.

Documentaries: Debra Anderson of Santa Fe took $10,000 toward Split Estate , about the oil and gas boom in the western U.S. Lena Carr of Albuquerque got $15,000 toward One Boy, One Sky , about a young boy who engages in a search for his Navajo heritage. David Ellis of Santa Fe was awarded $10,000 toward Rudolfo Anaya: The Magic of Words . The cherished 70-year-old master of New Mexico storytelling is the subject of this one-hour documentary. Rafael Hernandez of Española was given $14,500 toward Absent Fathers Revisited , an examination of the ups and downs of growing up without a father. Jonathan Sims of Acoma Pueblo got $20,000 toward A Race Against Time , about the race to preserve native languages. Eric Sirotkin of Albuquerque took $14,500 toward the completion of Committing Poetry in Times of War . The film is a glance at one week in 2003 which rocked Albuquerque and defined the struggle of a nation at war.

Experimental: Nina Fonoroff of Albuquerque was awarded $6,000 toward “Some Enchanted Moment,” an experimental film drawing together New Mexico landscapes, animated collage elements and super-8 film from the ’70s. Chris Jonas of Santa Fe got $10,000 toward “Memorylines,” the video component of a larger community-dialogue project designed to bridge cultural, economic and generational boundaries.

Animation: David Stout and Cory Metcalf of Santa Fe were awarded $15,000 toward “Archipelago,” an interactive 3-D animation and cinematic installation, using digitally modeled ecosystems inhabited by artificially intelligent organisms.
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