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Devin D. O'Leary
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Do you love movies? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this section of the paper. A better question might be: How much do you love movies? If you’re a dedicated cinematic fanatic with a serious need to show off your love of all things theatrical, you might want to consider stopping by Louie’s Rock-N-Reels. For years, Louie’s has been the place to pick up movie posters, banners, lobby cards, collectable press kits and more from movies both classic and modern, foreign and domestic. The problem has always been fighting your way through Louie’s massive collection, most of which never even made it onto the crowded floor of the store at 105 Harvard SE. Just last week, however, owner Louie Torres took over the space next door, formerly occupied by We Buy Music. This has effectively doubled the size of Louie’s Rock-N-Reels. Now you can leisurely stroll the aisles, digging your way though movie history in search of a prized piece of memorabilia. Stop by now for the grand reopening and tell ’em the Alibi sent ya.

Reel World “Legal Hawks” And “Time Cougars”

On Sunday, Sept. 21, local production company A+ #1 Productions will preview its independent television pilot “Legal Hawks” at the one and only KiMo Theatre in Downtown Albuquerque beginning at 7 p.m. This retro-tastic comedy is set in the year 1986 and concentrates on the world’s most popular hair metal band, Von Holland, which is contracted by the fledgling FOX network to create a weekly concert series. With more ambition than skill, the members of Von Holland instead set out to produce a serious courtroom drama. The result is “Legal Hawks.” This speculative pilot episode was written and directed by Josh Klein and stars local actors Isaac Kappy and Ross Kelly. Also appearing in the show are Bill Sterchi, April Fox, Reuben Finkelstein, Shenoah Allen, Mark Chavez, David Kappy and Victor Izay. Much of the talent in front of and behind the camera was responsible for the 2007 National Film Challenge-winning short “Time Cougars.” Also showing at the KiMo screening are Scott Milder’s short “Hide” and Reuben Finkelstein’s “Time Assassins.” The event is free and open to the public, thanks to the Albuquerque Film Office, but the filmmakers are hoping to use this event as a fundraiser for a Farmington firefighter whose family is grappling with financial duress brought about by medical circumstances.
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