Reel World: Arnie Comes To Albuquerque, Scary Films In T Or C, Light Bulbs Conspire Against You

He Said He’d Be Back

Devin D. O'Leary
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Yup. Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to town. Arnie’s big, fat, post-political comeback film is primed to shoot right here in New Mexico. The ex-Governator has signed to star in the action flick The Last Stand for Lionsgate Entertainment. The movie will be directed by Korean up-and-comer Kim Jee-Woon ( A Tale of Two Sisters; The Good, The Bad, The Weird ). It spins the story of a disgraced LAPD officer who retreats to a sleepy New Mexico border town to serve as sheriff. The calm is disturbed, though, when a ruthless drug kingpin escapes from FBI custody and mounts a convoy heading to the Mexican border at 200 mph. Naturally, the bad guy has to pass through Arnie’s little town to get there, promising lots of high-octane action (and hopefully some ’80s-style quips). Johnny Knoxville is also in it. So there. Production on the film started Oct. 17 and is expected to shoot on locations across New Mexico and Nevada through November.

Reel World: Trick Or Treat In T Or C Trick Or Treat In T Or C

October and November have become nonstop film festival time around New Mexico. Following directly on the heels of the Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, the Duke City DocFest, the Santa Fe Film Festival and the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival comes the Truth or Consequences Halloween & Day of the Dead Film Festival. From Oct. 27 through Oct. 30, TorC will present classic and independent sci-fi, fantasy and horror films. All screenings will take place at the town’s Senior Rec Center (301 S. Foch Street).

Reel World: New And Improved! New And Improved!

Thursday, Oct. 27, the National Hispanic Cultural Center will present a screening of the documentary The Light Bulb Conspiracy . This three-years-in-the-making film travels to the U.S., Germany, Spain, France and Ghana and uses internal corporate documents to demonstrate the terrible environmental consequences of planned obsolescence. By deliberately shortening the product life spans of consumer goods, manufacturers can keep demand for new products high. The byproduct, however, has been what the filmmakers call “pyramids of waste.” This screening is free and open to the public. The show starts at 7 p.m. inside the NHCC’s Bank of America Theatre. For more info on the film, check out The Light Bulb Conspiracy on Facebook.
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