Reel World: Designer Desired, Crime For A Cause And A Hippie Happening

Designing Women ... And Men, Too

Devin D. O'Leary
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Eric Morrell—an art director, set decorator and props stylist out of New York—is looking for art department interns for an upcoming feature shooting here in New Mexico. The film is described as “a low-budget 3D feature with name talent.” (I believe that translates into the Zachary Quinto-produced psychedelic horror thriller The Banshee Chapter .) The film is scheduled to film in and around Albuquerque through September. On-the-job responsibilities include: “set dressing, runs, painting, small building and graphics.” No experience is necessary, but interested candidates “must have a willingness to learn” and are expected to make a commitment for at least three days a week. If you’re interested in being part of Morrell’s art department, send a résumé and a small paragraph about why you want the job to Eric Morrell at

Reel World: Crime For A Cause Crime For A Cause

Crime After Crime is an eye-opening documentary about Debbie Peagler, a domestic abuse victim who was falsely accused of murder and sent to jail for 26 years. The social justice-driven film will be returning for a one-off engagement at Guild Cinema on Sunday, Sept. 4. This special screening, taking place 1:30 p.m., will be a benefit for the UNM Women’s Law Caucus. Tickets are a mere $5 and are available at the Guild box office (3405 Central NE). You could probably write them off on your taxes, if you really wanted to. Or not. I’m no accountant. But I do know the money goes to a good cause.

Reel World: Hippie Happening Hippie Happening

Guild Cinema will also be hosting a special “happening” on Tuesday, Sept. 6, following the 8:30 p.m. screening of the Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters documentary Magic Trip . There will be temporally appropriate reminiscences from local authors Merimee Moffitt and Roberta Price. Price will be signing and selling copies of her photo book Across the Great Divide: A Photo Chronicle of the Counterculture. There will also be a poetry reading by local word-bender Don McIver. Audience members are invited to get in on the groovy fun with a “Best Tie-Dye Shirt” contest and 25-cent cups of Kool-Aid (supply your own additives). Geri from Kosmic Trading Post will be there with assorted concession goods and Bradley’s Books will be offering up all sorts of Beat Generation tomes for sale. To get in on all this merry mayhem, it’s a mere $7 general admission or $5 for students and seniors (many of you hippies may be both now).
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