Reel World: Documentaries Of The Dead

Documentaries Of The Dead

Devin D. O'Leary
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South Broadway Cultural Center and Metamorfosis Documentation Project present two documentary films in honor of Mexico’s Day of the Dead. La Festividad de los Muertos depicts the Feast of the Faithfully Departed as it is celebrated in the Zapotec community of Teotitlán del Valle in Oaxaca, while Noche de Animas shows how it is celebrated in the P’urhépecha community of Tzintzuntzan in Michoacán. Admission to this Day of the Dead documentary double feature is free and open to the public. The films play Thursday, Oct. 24, starting at 6pm at SBCC (1025 Broadway Blvd. SE). For more info, go to

Reel World: Rock On Rock On

Stone Age Climbing Gym presents the Reel Rock 14 Film Tour. This high-altitude collection of climbing, bouldering and otherwise-scrambling-up-the-side-of-mountains documentary shorts screens Thursday, Oct. 24 from 7 to 9pm at KiMo Theatre (423 Central Ave. NE). “Rock” stars such as Nina Williams, Tommy Caldwell, Jim Reynolds and Alex Honnold are among the athletes featured on screen. Admission is $10 in advance or $12 at the door. You can get your tickets now at

Reel World: Spooky Scores Spooky Scores

GRAL Brothers Music heads to Tractor Brewing Company Wells Park (1800 Fourth Street NW) this Friday, Oct. 25 at 8pm for a night of music and movies (and, of course, beer). On the night in question, the GRAL Brothers (actually Alex McMahon and Greg Williams) provide live musical scores to a trio of spooky old horror films, including Häxan, Night of the Living Dead and Curse of the Swamp Creature. Admission is free, but the beers will cost ya.

Reel World: Dead Wedding Dead Wedding

Tim Burton’s beautifully morbid 2005 animated fantasy Corpse Bride screens Saturday, Oct. 26 at 1pm at the South Broadway Library (1025 Broadway Blvd. SE). The stop-motion fairy tale tells the story of a nervous groom (Johnny Depp) who is dragged into the Land of the Dead by a long-dead bride (Helena Bonham Carter) who wants to get hitched. Admission is free and open to the public.

Reel World: Shower Scene Shower Scene

Albuquerque Film & Music Experience and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Foundation team up for a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic shocker Psycho. The 1960 film follows an embezzling secretary (Janet Leigh) who ends up at an isolated motel run by a creepy mamma’s boy (Anthony Perkins). You can catch Psycho on Saturday, Oct. 26 at the NMMNH’s DynaTheater (1801 Mountain Rd. NW) starting at 7pm. Tickets are $10 general admission or $7.50 for NMMNH Foundation members and AFME sponsors.

Reel World: Scary Scripting Scary Scripting

Local filmmaker and author Scotty Milder (Dead Billy, “Vanya”) teaches “Writing the Horror Movie,” an interactive workshop taking place every Sunday from Oct. 27 through Dec. 15 at Sol Arts Acting Studios (5500 San Mateo Blvd. NE #114). In it Milder will share the basics of suspense, atmosphere, pacing and character development as well as his own personal “philosophy of fear.” The cost of the eight-week class is $375. To register, go to

Reel World: Shudder To Think Shudder To Think

Horror film aficionados are invited to show off their scary knowledge of the subject at Horror Film Trivia Vol. III: The Final Reckoning. The third (and final) round in this month’s three-part bloodbath of horror movie obsession comes to a head on Wednesday, Oct. 30 from 7 to 9pm at Tractor Brewing Company Nob Hill (118 Tulane Dr. SE). For more info go to
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