Reel World: Indie Q Debuts Shorts, New Mexico Hosts Indie Film Shoots

Indie Q&A

Devin D. O'Leary
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Indie Q, the monthly gathering of independent filmmakers sponsored by Film!ABQ, will take place at Downtown’s KiMo Theatre on Wednesday, Nov. 30. In addition to discussing the local film climate with independent actors, producers, animators, screenwriters, directors and fans, attendees at this month’s get-together will be treated to several short film premieres. “Under the Stairs,” a creepy kid-meets-monster movie from writer Kieran McGowan and director Joshua Sallach, will be the main event. Also being screened that night is Ryan Denmark’s fuzzy animal horror story “Plush.” The filmmakers will be present, of course, to talk about their work. The event is from 7 to 9 p.m. As always, Indie Q is free and open to the public.

Reel World: Indie Double Feature Indie Double Feature

What with all the big films shooting in New Mexico this year ( The Avengers , the new Arnold Schwarzenegger film The Last Stand ), it’s easy to forget that a lot of independent films come to our state as well. Right now, there are two smaller films shooting in the Land of Enchantment. The first is Stars , directed by Derrick Borte ( The Joneses ). Stars tells the story of a man who strays from his structured suburban life and heads out on the open road with the goal of committing suicide on his birthday. (I have a feeling he gives it a second thought.) The film—starring Mark Kassen ( Puncture ) and Illeana Douglas ( Cape Fear )—will shoot in Santa Fe, Española, Galisteo and Pecos through the end of November.

The other smaller-budget film shooting in New Mexico right now is
Jackie , which appears to be a road-trip drama (road trippers love New Mexico) from Dutch director Antoinette Beumer ( Loft , The Happy Housewife ). The film features Oscar-winner Holly Hunter ( The Piano ). It tells the story of Dutch twins—sister Carice van Houten ( Valkyrie ) and Jelka van Houten ( The Domino Effect )—who travel across America looking for their long-lost mother (played by Hunter). That one is expected to shoot though December and will employ at least 70 New Mexico crew members and more than 150 background extras.
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