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Devin D. O'Leary
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Video Store, Albuquerque’s one and only video store, is going out of business—which may come as a surprise to those who were unaware of its existence in the first place. In fact, “Video Store” does not and never has existed. But that isn’t preventing it from having a going out of business sale. … Allow me to explain: Local cine arts organization Basement Films is sponsoring a special pop-up event/fundraiser, just in time for the holiday shopping season. On Nov. 29 (Black Friday!) and Nov. 30 (Dark Gray Saturday?), from 1 to 8pm each day, Video Store’s fictional going out of business sale takes place at 1415 Fourth St. SW. Though the store may be fake, the sale is real. Over 1,300 actual new (circa 1989) and used video tapes are on sale for $1 each. Everything must go! Organizers will be serving coffee and popcorn. Gift wrapping is available for 50 cents. They’ll also be raffling off a TV set with a built-in VCR, in case you need something on which to watch your new purchases. So if you’re a serious collector of VHS tapes—or you just want to revel in the stale carpet and headcleaner-scented atmosphere of an honest-to-goodness video store—travel back to the late-’80s and get shopping.

Reel World: Check Every Bulb Check Every Bulb

Albuquerque Film & Music Experience and O’Niell’s Pub usher in the Christmas season with a “Dinner & a Movie” screening of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This 1989 classic stars Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Johnny Galecki, Juliette Lewis and (of course) Randy Quaid as Cousin Eddie. The screening gets underway Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 7pm at O’Niell’s in Nob Hill (4310 Central Ave. SE). Admission is free, but you gotta pay for your own food and beer.

Reel World: The Kid Stays In The Picture The Kid Stays In The Picture

The locally lensed, historically based Western In Their Own Words: Billy the Kid & the Lincoln Country War premieres Saturday, Dec. 7, at the Community House in Fort Sumner, N.M. (site of poor Billy’s untimely demise). In the film Billy the Kid (Daniel Cruz), Pat Garrett (Kelly Kidd) and 14 of their friends and enemies are “interviewed” about what really happened back in 1881. If you can’t make it out to Fort Sumner, you can catch a “sneak preview” movie release party right here in Albuquerque. On Saturday, Nov. 30, from 6 to 8pm, Tractor Brewing Westside (5720 McMahon Blvd. NW) hosts the film’s writer-director Michael Anthony Giudicissi as well as several other members of the cast and crew who helped bring these historical figures back to life. See a trailer for the film and listen to some live music from the soundtrack. For more info, go to

Reel World: Welcome To … Welcome To …

The Albuquerque Film & Music Experience and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science (1801 Mountain Rd. NW) team up for one final cinematic experience. On Saturday, Nov. 30, at 3pm the NMMNH’s DynaTheater screens Steven Spielberg’s 1993 science fiction fave Jurassic Park. Tickets for the dinosaur-loaded flick are $10 general admission or $7.50 for Museum Foundation members and AFME sponsors. To get those tickets in advance, go to
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