The Week In Sloth: “Futurama” Returns, Carson Kressley Gets A New Show, Chefs Get “Extreme”

The Week In Sloth

Devin D. O'Leary
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Thursday 23

“Futurama” (Comedy Central 11 p.m.) The Planet Express crew start off their six-and-a-halfth season by switching genders with one another. So … Zoidberg with boobs.

“Suits” (USA 8 p.m.) What TV needs now is more shows about lawyers. Here’s a dramedy about a high-powered Manhattan attorney who hires a brilliant slacker without a law degree. It stars Gabriel Macht (he was in The Spirit ). If you’re a lawyer show completist, you might want to watch.

“Wilfred” (FX 11 p.m.) This offbeat comedy is a remake of a hit Australian sitcom. Elijah Wood stars as a mixed-up dude who sees his pet dog Wilfred as a foul-mouthed fat guy in a furry suit (even though nobody else does). Ethan Suplee, Chris Klein, Jane Kaczmarek, Nestor Carbonell, John Michael Higgins, Mary Steenburgen, Peter Stormare and Rashida Jones are among the stars who stop by for guest spots this season.

Friday 24

“Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings” (IFC 8 p.m.) Low-budget YouTube sensations Rhett and Link get a reality(ish) show in which they make goofy commercials for deserving small-town businesses.

“Young, Broke & Beautiful” (IFC 9 p.m.) IFC adds this off-the-beaten-path travel show for “alternative culture enthusiasts” starring hipster blogger Broke-Ass Stuart.

Saturday 25

“Carson Nation” (OWN 8 p.m.) Former “Queer Eye” guy Carson Kressley travels around the country giving “make-betters” (not “makeovers”) to deserving slobs.

Sunday 26

“Extreme Chef” (Food Network 8:30 p.m.) Uh oh. I smell another entertainment industry fatwa coming on. … Yup. … Death to the studio executive who greenlights any more shows with the word “extreme” in the title (i.e., “Extreme Makeover,” “Extreme Couponing,” “Extreme Engineering,” “Extreme Ghostbusters”)!

“The Marriage Ref” (KOB-4 9 p.m.) They gave this a second season? It’s a summer season, but still .

“True Blood” (HBO 7 p.m.) HBO’s supernatural series returns for a fourth season, injecting some much-needed blood and sex into our Sunday nights.

Monday 27

“Winx Club” (Nickelodeon 6 p.m.) So … Nickelodeon is airing a series of hour-long specials intended to recap the first four seasons of this inexplicably popular Italian cartoon about fashion-conscious fairies. It’s all an elaborate setup for the fifth and sixth seasons, which Nick will be co-producing. Yeesh, what is this, “Lost”?

Hot Coffee (HBO 7 p.m.) Big business uses the infamous “McDonald’s coffee case” to promote tort reform in this new documentary. … Woo , tort reform!

Tuesday 28

“I Kid With Brad Garrett” (TLC 6 p.m.) Art Linkletter, Bill Cosby and Heidi Klum all got shows out of sitting around waiting for kids to say dumb things. Why not Brad Garrett?

Wednesday 29

“Necessary Roughness” (USA 8 p.m.) This drama/comedy about a female therapist for a pro football team is loosely based on the experiences of a real-life therapist for the New York Jets.
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