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The Week In Sloth

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Thursday 12

Notes from the Underbelly” (KOAT-7 9 p.m.) This new ensemble comedy based on Risa Green’s novel of the same name finds the humorous side of pregnancy. It concentrates on one young couple (Peter Cambor and Jennifer Westfeldt) who have just found out they’re going to have a baby. Honestly, it doesn’t sound like a concept you can stretch out all that long. I give it nine months.

Friday 13

Stargate SG-1: Stargate Mythology” (Sci-Fi 6 p.m.) Wanna catch up with the last 10 years worth of “Stargate SG-1” in time for tonight’s final season premiere? Here’s a one-hour recap. That ought to cover you.

Painkiller Jane” (Sci-Fi 8 p.m.) Somehow, I don’t think this new series–starring Terminator 3 ’s Kristanna Loken as a super-indestructible government agent–is gonna stick around for 10 seasons. But I could be wrong.

Saturday 14

Andy Barker, P.I.” (KOB-4 7 p.m.) Are you a big fan of Andy Richter? Yeah, me too. We’ll, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. If you wanna catch the last two episodes of his new sitcom, you’d better tune in tonight. NBC has bumped them to this Saturday night wasteland to wither and die an ignoble death. … Which doesn’t bode too well for the show returning next season.

Sunday 15

Drive” (KASA-2 7 p.m.) FOX tries out the pilot for its new automotive action series on Sunday before moving it to its regular Monday timeslot. Seems we’ve got a bunch of ordinary Americans competing in an illegal coast-to-coast auto race. They’re all doing it for different reasons, though, allowing for lots of “Lost”-like flashbacks showing us how they got in this Cannonball Run -ish situation.

Charm School” (VH1 8 p.m.) VH1 Exec No. 1: “How can we milk even more out of our Flavor Flav reality show franchise?” VH1 Exec No. 2: “How about sending all the losers from ‘Flavor of Love’ to charm school?” VH1 Exec No. 3: “That sounds terrible, couldn’t we do something original instead?” VH1 Exec No. 1: “You’re fired, No. 3!”

Monday 16

Digging for the Truth” (History Channel 7 p.m.) Did the ancient Aztecs really practice ritual sacrifice or is Mel Gibson just a big fat racist liar? (OK, so he may be one no matter what the answer is.)

Tuesday 17

Living Lahaina” (MTV 11:30 p.m.) MTV Exec No. 1: “How can we milk even more out of our ‘Laguna Beach’ reality show franchise?” MTV Exec No. 2: “How about concentrating on some other spoiled, young, party-loving kids in another sunny location like, I don’t know, Hawaii?” MTV Exec No. 3: “That sounds terrible, couldn’t we do something original instead?” MTV Exec No. 1: “You’re fired, No. 3!”

Wednesday 18

Larry King: 50 years of Pop Culture” (CNN 7 p.m.) Who better to celebrate Larry King’s 50 years on the air than Anderson Cooper and Ryan Seacrest?
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