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The Week In Sloth

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Thursday 18

“Viva Laughlin”
(KRQE-13 9 p.m.) The original BBC mini-series Viva Blackpool was an offbeat pleasure, a low-rent crime series laced with comedy and rounded out with a lot of song-and-dance numbers. The American take on this musical murder mystery—starring the likes of Hugh Jackman, Mädchen Amick and Melanie Griffith—will either be one of the freshest shows on the fall schedule or canceled after two weeks.

Run Granny Run (HBO 10 p.m.) In 2004, 94-year-old Democrat Rose Haddock tried to prove that ordinary people can get elected to office by unseating incumbent New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg. She ended up proving the opposite, but the plucky, no-nonsense retiree still makes one hell of a subject for a documentary film.

“MLE Chowdown: Wedges and Wings” (Spike 9 p.m.) Competitive eaters go up against the clock to see who can cram the most chicken wings and potato wedges down their gullet. … Finally, an answer to that age-old question.

Friday 19

“The Next Great American Band”
(KASA-2 7 p.m.) From the producers of “American Idol” comes basically the exact same show, but with bands instead of solo singers. On the upside … Well, at least there are more people to make fun of during the audition stage.

Saturday 20

Psycho (AMC 8:30 p.m.) You can catch Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece as part of AMC’s Hitchcock marathon.

Psycho (Sci-Fi 11 p.m.) Then you can flip over to Sci-Fi and catch Gus Van Sant’s shot-for-shot 1998 remake. … I’ll say this for Van Sant: He really makes you appreciate Hitchcock.

Sunday 21

Nature of the Beast (ABC Family 7 p.m.) Remember Teen Wolf ? If not, this made-for-TV effort starring Eddie Kaye Thomas ( American Pie ) might seem vaguely fresh.

Something Beneath (Sci-Fi 7 p.m.) Wow, that’s a little vague there, Sci-Fi Channel. Wanna give me a slightly bigger clue? Something hairy? Something slimy? Something scaly? What exactly is it beneath ? I suspect I’m supposed to be scared, but you’re just not giving me enough to work with.

Monday 22

(MTV 11:30 p.m.) Danielle Savre (“Heroes”) stars as a young rock star on the brink of both stardom and destruction. Wait. You’re telling me this new MTV show is scripted ? It’s not a reality show about the spoiled Hollywood offspring of some rich person I’ve never heard of? Weird.

Tuesday 23

“Scream 2007”
(Spike 8 p.m.) The manly man network hands out horror awards in categories like Scream King and Scream Queen and Ultimate Scream. Who will win the award for Most Screamiest?

Wednesday 24

(KOB-4 7 p.m.) Illusionist Criss Angel and mentalist Uri Gellar comb through 10 supernaturally gifted contestants to find America’s next great psychic. Given that Angel is a cheesy Vegas magician and Gellar is a long-discredited con artist, I’m not sure how reliable their judgment will be.
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