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The Week In Sloth

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Thursday 21

“Destroyed in Seconds” (Discovery 7 p.m.) Honestly, who doesn’t love watching real-life video of things getting blown up, run over, crashed into or avalanched on? But, given the titular time constraint, producers are going to have to do some serious stretching to fill the half-hour timeslot.

“Glam God with Vivica A. Fox” (VH1 8 p.m.) No, you haven’t seen this reality show competition before. These people aren’t fashion designers or makeup artists or hair stylists, they’re fashion stylists . Totally different.

“Tabitha’s Salon Takeover” (Bravo 8 p.m.) The Australian chick from “Shear Genius” does the Gordon Ramsay thing, going into failing businesses (in this, case hair salons) and renovating them. Odd, considering she lost on “Shear Genius.”

“The Cho Show” (VH1 9 p.m.) Thirteen years after bombing out with her sitcom, comedienne Margaret Cho gets a VH1 reality show. And the circle of life is complete.

“Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force” (A&E 8 p.m.) Another show for those of you who think “COPS” has too broad a subject matter.

Friday 22

“Discovery Project Earth” (Discovery 7 p.m.) Discovery channel’s new show tests out a series of bold science experiments aimed at saving the environment.

“Who Are You Wearing?” (TLC 8 p.m.) It’s just like “Project Runway,” except that … wait … I’m thinking.

Saturday 23

Dear Prudence (Hallmark 7 p.m.) A Hallmark Channel movie based on the Siouxsie and the Banshees song? Nope. Just another middle-aged murder mystery for female viewers. Jane Seymour plays a TV hostess who solves a murder during her vacation.

Flu Bird Horror (Sci-Fi 7 p.m.) Seriously? You couldn’t workshop that title for, like, five more minutes?

Sunday 24

S.I.S. (Spike 8 p.m.) What’s cooler than a movie about cops? A movie about a top secret crime investigation squad!

Monday 25

“The Democratic National Convention” (KOB-4, KOAT-7, KRQE-13 8 p.m.) The Big Three deliver live, opening-night coverage of the Democratic Convention–but not until after “Deal or No Deal,” “High School Musical: Get in the Picture” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Priorities, people.

“America’s Toughest Jobs” (KOB-4 9 p.m.) NBC takes a cue (and a producer or two) from “Dirty Jobs,” “Deadliest Catch,” “Black Gold” and “Ice Road Truckers” to create this series in which ordinary people perform crappy, backbreaking jobs. Otherwise known as “George Bush’s America.”

Tuesday 26

“Gavin and Stacey” (BBC America 7 p.m.) Who are Gavin and Stacey? A couple of nice, young people who meet, fall in love and eventually get married–no thanks to their meddling friends and familes–in this popular Britcom.

Wednesday 27

“Mythbusters” (Discovery 7 p.m.) Did NASA fake the first moon landing? Jamie and Adam figure it out by faking their own.
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