Week In Sloth

The Week In Sloth

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Thursday 19

“ER” (KOB-4 9 p.m.) Noah Wyle adds his name to the list of final season drop-ins. … It’s kinda like watching Eddie Murphy or Bill Murray or Adam Sandler guest host on “Saturday Night Live.”

Friday 20

“Real Time with Bill Maher” (HBO 8 p.m.) Bill Maher steps up to the plate to try to answer the question on the mind of every left-leaning political humorist in America: Is our country at all funny now that Obama’s in charge?

“The Soup Awards” (E! 11:30 p.m.) Joel McHale hands out some dubious honors to all the movie stars, pseudo-celebrities and reality show participants who’ve been the objects of our amused scorn in the last year.

“Mistresses” (BBC America 7 p.m.) While “Desperate Housewives” seems to be crawling out of its slump and “Sex in the City” remains inexplicably popular, BBC America blows them both out of the water with this sexy, scandalous soap about four British BFFs with a preference for sleeping around.

“Late Night with Conan O’Brien” (KOB-4 12:45 p.m.) Conan O’Brien signs off after 15 years on the air. Don’t worry, fans, he’ll be taking over Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” gig starting on June 1. … I’m sure the Masturbating Bear will be a big hit in the 10:30 slot.

Saturday 21

“The 2009 Film Independent Spirit Awards” (IFC 10 p.m.) Uninterested in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ? Uninspired by the likes of Slumdog Millionaire ? Why not root on more eclectic fare like Ballast, Chop Shop, Wendy and Lucy , and Frozen River ? Steve Coogan is the host of this year’s Independent Spirit Awards, which ought to sweeten the pot. He’s like the naughty, uncensored version of Hugh Jackman.

Taking Chance (HBO 6 p.m.) Kevin Bacon stars in this stoic tearjerker about a lieutenant colonel who volunteers to escort the body of a fallen 19-year-old Marine back home to Wyoming.

Sunday 22

“The 100 Most Outrageous Home Videos of All Time” (KOB-4 8 p.m.) I’m betting on 39 percent “football in the crotch,” 25 percent “pet-related,” 12 percent “wedding follies” and 24 percent “misc.”

Monday 23

“Intervention In-Depth: Compulsive Gambling” (A&E 7 p.m.) Geez, now I’m regretting that last capsule.

Tuesday 24

“Dark Days in Monkey City” (Animal Planet 8 p.m.) Great title for an Animal Planet documentary series, or greatest title for an Animal Planet documentary series?

Wednesday 25

“UFO Hunters: Area 51 Revealed” (History 8 p.m.) For their second season finale, the UFO Hunters get around to investigating the “top-secret” government installation that every single UFO nut since the dawn of the Jet Age has ogled, mapped, photographed and blogged about while having a burger at the Little A’Le’Inn on Arizona’s Extraterrestrial Highway.
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