Week In Sloth

The Week In Sloth

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Thursday 23

“The Beast” (A&E 8 p.m.) Not to be cynical or anything; but if the tabloid newspapers are to be believed, you might want to catch this season finale of Patrick Swayze’s cop show while you can.

Friday 24

“MoCap, LLC” (Spike 11:30 p.m.) The web-sensation sitcom about workers at a video game motion capture company gets an upgrade to basic cable. What’s not funny about guys wearing unitards and ping-pong balls?

The Road to Ruin (TCM Midnight) Learn the evils of marijuana, drink and premarital sex—1934-style!—in this hilarious exploitation classic.

Saturday 25

“Streisand: Live in Concert” (KRQE-13 7 p.m.) Babs? Live in concert? In prime time? It’s starting to feel like 1975 in here.

Carny (Sci-Fi 7 p.m.) I have three magical words for you: Lou Diamond Phillips.

“I Want to Save Your Life” (WE 11 p.m.) The producers of this show should get together with the subjects from Discovery Channel’s “I Shouldn’t Be Alive.”

Sunday 26

“Leader of the Pack” (HGTV 10 p.m.) Have you been glued to your TV set, enthralled in the drama, humor and heartfelt passion that is President Obama and family’s adoption of a Portuguese water hound puppy? Well, guess what? Turns out ordinary people get dogs, too! Here’s a whole reality show dedicated to it. Next up, a show about average Americans shopping for groceries.

“2009 TV Land Awards” (TV Land 7 p.m.) Neil Patrick Harris and Judah Friedlander host, the cast of “Magnum P.I.” gets an award. What more do you need?

100 Feet (Sci-Fi 7 p.m.) The title’s a snooze, but this direct-to-basic-cable horror thriller actually comes to us from writer/director Eric Red ( The Hitcher, Near Dark, Body Parts ). The clever story has a woman (Famke Janssen) stuck in her house with an ankle monitor after killing her bad cop husband in self-defense. The twist in the tale? She’s trapped in there with hubby’s vengeful ghost!

“Daisy of Love” (VH1 7 p.m.) In the long, proud tradition of taking losing skanks, ho-bags, skeezers and himbos from VH1 dating shows and giving them their own “ … of Love” spin-offs comes this carnival of hot tubs, lip liner and poor impulse control starring horsefaced rock chick Daisy de la Hoya.

Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder (Cartoon Network 8 p.m.) The fourth and final “Futurama” movie hits CN. Sad, yes, but we’ll always have reruns.

Monday 27

“Heroes” (KOB-4 8 p.m.) The third season comes to a finish, and I’m forced to admit that things have picked up mightily since writer/executive producer Bryan Fuller came back. The second half of this season has been darn near watchable.

Tuesday 28

“Addicted to Plastic” (Sundance 8 p.m.) Sundance Channel, still in that “Earth Day” mode, gives us a documentary about the overuse of plastic in our modern world.

Wednesday 29

“Lost” (KOAT-7 8 p.m.) This is the 100 th episode—which, given this show’s obsession with numbers, is kinda creepy.
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