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The Week In Sloth

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Thursday 3

“Come To Papa” (KOB-4 7:30 p.m.) Comedian Tom Papa (who, apparently, used to warm up the studio audience on “Seinfeld”) created this self-reflexive series about a struggling New Jersey comedy writer named Tom Papa. NBC is using the new series to stem the tide of viewers abandoning Thursday's “Must See TV” lineup because it's now “Already Seen It TV.”

Friday 4

They Live (AMC 8:30 p.m.) If you thought John Carpenter's sci-fi parody about evil space aliens who become Republicans, wipe out the environment and control the population through subliminal advertising was eerily prescient during the Reagan administration, check it out during the Bush administration.

Saturday 5

“The Addams Family” (TV Land 4 a.m.) TV Land gives us every single episode of “The Addams Family” during this 48-hour marathon. All I need is some delivery pizza and a telephone answering machine and I'm set.

Sunday 6

“The Dead Zone” (USA 8 p.m.) Who'd have thought this takeoff on Stephen King's hit novel would make for a enjoyable TV series? I mean, it stars the man who immortalized Farmer Ted. But damned if it isn't a well-done bit of sci-fi. Second season starts tonight.

Meltdown (FX 9 p.m.) In this made-for-TV action flick, a group of terrorists takes over an American nuclear power plant and threatens to reenact favorite scenes from The China Syndrome. … I wonder if this is the “credible evidence” John Ashcroft has been worked up over lately. John, it's only a movie. Sure, cast member James Remar can be a little scary, but we'll all deal.

“The Sopranos” (HBO 10 p.m.) It's season finale time. I don't know what's gonna happen, but I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a whole lot of whacking going on. … Oh, and don't feel too bad for poor dead Adrianna (Drea DeMatteo). When she wakes up this fall, she'll be in Los Angeles and starring in the NBC sitcom “Joey.”

Monday 7

5 Days to Midnight (Sci-Fi 7 p.m.) Sci-Fi tries a little temporal experimentation with this five-night mini-series. Story has a physicist (Timothy Hutton) finding a mysterious briefcase filled with evidence of his own murder, set to take place five days in the future. As you've probably noticed, we've got one episode for each day, making this the five-day version of “24.”

Tuesday 8

“The Jury” (FOX 7 p.m.) This drama from “Oz” producers Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson focuses on what happens behind closed doors at a jury trial. Cast includes Billy Burke, Anna Friel and Shalom Harlow.

“Last Comic Standing” (KOB-4 7 p.m.) Last summer's replacement series returns. This one, in which assorted young comics get voted out of the club, is better than most reality series. At least everybody has a sense of humor.

“Blow Out” (Bravo 7 p.m.) You know the reality series “The Restaurant”? Well, this is the same thing, except now the producers are focusing on a guy trying to start his own hair salon. Wow. I am so not gonna watch this.

Wednesday 9

“Reno 911” (Comedy Central 11 p.m.) CC's hilariously addictive riff on “COPS” returns for a new season.

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