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Thursday 7

“Brahman Naman” (Netflix Streaming anytime) This Indian comedy, which screened in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition section of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, premieres worldwide on Netflix. It’s about the members of a college quiz team, determined to win the all-India finals and lose their virginities at the same time.

Friday 8

“The Amber Rose Show” (VH1 9pm) Yeah, this sort of feels inevitable.

Saturday 9

“Hello World!” (Discovery 6pm) Now you can “look at animals in the natural world through the eyes of today’s most celebrated musicians.” Sound confusing? Well, for example, Usher’s song “Stronger” sets the scene for how adversity only makes sea turtles more resilient. And Dave Matthews’ “Save Me” illustrates the search for fresh water by animals like the spadefoot toad. … OK, now I’m confused. WTF, Discovery?

“Legendary Dudas” (Nickelodeon 7pm) Two young brothers, who are complete opposites, are stuck in the same homeroom class in Nick’s new tween-com.

Sunday 10

“D.B. Cooper: Case Closed?” (History 7pm) Investigators and experts shed new light on the infamous hijacking case. But the people who came up with the title don’t seem too convinced.

“Princess Diana’s Death: Mystery Solved” (Reelz 7pm ) See, none of that wishy-washy stuff for Reelz. They’ve solved Princess Diana’s death. Case closed!

“The Night Of” (HBO 7pm) This 10-part procedural miniseries is written by Richard Price (The Wanderers, Clockers) and Steve Zaillian (Schindler’s List, Moneyball). It’s based on the British series “Criminal Justice” and concentrates on a young Pakistani-American cab driver who wakes up one morning next to the mutilated body of his Upper West Side lover.

Monday 11

“Hip-Hop Honors: All Hail the Queens” (VH1 7pm) Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot and Salt-N-Pepa are among the honorees of this year’s lady-centric hip-hop awards show.

“Food’s Greatest Hits” (Cooking 8pm) In tonight’s populist premiere, cheese gets its due. From macaroni and cheese to grilled cheese sandwiches to cheesecake: Who doesn’t love cheese?

Tuesday 12

“The 87th Annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game” (KASA-2 6pm) It’s like The Expendables, but for baseball players rather than action movie stars.

“The White House: Inside Story” (KNME-5 7pm) PBS looks back at the 200-year-history of the White House, or as Donald Trump calls it “that old dump?”

Wednesday 13

“2016 ESPY Awards” (KOAT-7 7pm) WWE Superstar John Cena hosts. And yet there’s no still categoy for professional wrestling.

“Mr. Robot” (USA 8:01pm) After basically destroying the world’s economy in last season’s finale, our mentally unstable computer genius protagonist is gonna have to deal with a few consequences.

“Black and White” (A&E 8:32pm) Comedians Christian Finnegan and Sherrod Small (from VH1’s “Best Week Ever”) get together to riff on racial issues in today’s headlines.

“The A Word” (Sundance 11pm) That would be “autism.” This British drama tracks the lives of a contemporary family whose 5-year-old son is diagnosed with autism. Christopher Eccleston (“Doctor Who”) drops by as the kid’s recently widowed grandfather.

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