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Thursday 21

Republican National Convention” (KNME-5 6pm) You can watch live coverage of the final night of the Republican Convention …

“Live From Comic Con” (Syfy 6pm) Or you can watch live coverage of the first night of San Diego Comic Con. I know where my loyalties lie.

“Alone: Reunion Special” (History 7pm) Wait a minute. These people were alone. It’s the name of the show. How can they have a reunion when there were alone the whole time?

“Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson” (Viceland 9pm) So, um, hipster rappers Action Bronson, The Alchemist, School Boy Q and Earl Sweatshirt get stoned, watch “Ancient Aliens” on History Channel and theorize about dinosaurs being selectively killed off by ancient aliens. No, really. That’s the show.

Friday 22

“BoJack Horseman” (Netflix streaming anytime) The third season of Netflix’s sharply satirical and increasingly fine funny-animal series debuts in its entirely today. Binge it up!

Saturday 23

Looking: The Movie (HBO 8pm) HBO’s San Francisco-set comedy-drama about a tight-knit group of gay friends couldn’t score a fourth season, but the network coughs up a two-hour movie to serve as series capper. In it, video game designer Patrick (Jonathan Groff) returns to San Francisco after living in Denver for a year to celebrate the wedding of old friends.

“Hell on Wheels” (AMC 7pm) AMC’s train-based Western ends with the Golden Spike being driven, creating the Transcontinental Railroad and ushering in a new American era of corporate control and government oversight hearings.

Sunday 24

“The Rise and Fall of El Chapo” (History 6pm) Hey, don’t count him out just yet, History. He could still escape from prison again.

“2016 MTV Fandom Awards” (MTV 9pm) MTV throws together another award show for TV shows, movies, music and video games just to prove how “geek chic” the network is. Trust me, MTV execs. Giving another shiny statue to 5 Seconds of Summer isn’t going to endear you to the crowds at this year’s Comic Con.

“Geeking Out” (AMC 8:05pm) Everybody’s in a Comic Con mood this week. Kevin Smith (Silent Bob himself) and Greg Grunberg (“Heroes”) talk about “the latest in pop culture.”

“Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour” (History 8pm) Self-proclaimed “history geeks” Ozzy Osbourne and his son Jack head out on a world tour, hitting spots like Mount Rushmore and the Alamo.

Monday 25

“2016 Democratic National Convention (KNME-5 6pm) Yeah, this isn’t gonna be nearly as entertaining as the schadenfreude-filled chaos of last week.

Tuesday 26

“MADtv” (KWBQ-19 8pm) After seven years off the air, FOX’ late-night sketch comedy show returns for a surprise (to say the least) 15th season on The CW.

Wednesday 27

Sing It On” (POP 7pm) On the season premiere, singing groups battle it out to become America’s next hot a cappella group … which doesn’t really seem like a thing. Sorry Pentatonix fans, it’s just not.

“Black and White” (A&E 8:32pm) Sherrod Small (he’s black) and Christian Finnegan (he’s white) present “funny points of view” on race in America today.
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