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Thursday 8

“American Boyband” (Viceland 8:30pm) Kevin Abstract and his 12-person “musical collective” Brockhampton—featuring engineers, producers, rappers, a graphic designer and a DJ—get their own docu-reality series charting the up-and-coming band’s US tour.

Friday 9

“My Only Love Song” (Netflix streaming anytime) This Netflix Original series out of Korea follows the adventures of a conceited pop star (Seung-Yeon Gong) who runs away from the set of her new TV show and ends up in an old van that guides her on a time-traveling journey to love and fulfillment.

“Orange Is the New Black” (Netflix streaming anytime) The women of Litchfield Penitentiary are back for a fifth season of fun and incarcertaion.

“Le Mans: Racing Is Everything” (Amazon streaming anytime) Le Mans is already a 24-hour auto race. Why not spend an entire TV season looking at the behind-the-scenes story?

Becoming Cary Grant (Showtime 7pm) Using his unpublished autobiography, filmmakers explore the life and career of actor Cary Grant.

Saturday 10

“Orphan Black” (BBC America 8pm) The fifth and final season gets underway. Which members of the Clone Club (all played by the fantastic Tatiana Maslany) will survive their final tussle with evil Rachel (also Maslany) and the mysterious, gene-splicing founder of Neolution, Dr. Westmoreland?

Sunday 11

“The 71st Annual Tony Awards” (KRQE-13 7pm) Kevin Spacey hosts. There will be singing and dancing, so be prepared.

“Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” (KOAT-7 8pm) Steve Harvey hosts yet another knockoff of “Shark Tank,” featuring wacky inventors pitching against each other for money. Personally, I’ve had my fill of Steve Harvey for a little while.

Menendez: Blood Brothers (Lifetime 6pm) TV’s already gone loopy for O.J. Simpson and JonBenét Ramsey, so it’s time for the Menendez brothers to get their true crime due. That said, you should totally watch this cheesy made-for-TV drama, because Courtney Love plays Kitty Menendez. I’m not even kidding.

Monday 12

“The Putin Interviews” (Showtime 7pm) Conspiracy-loving American filmmaker Oliver Stone hunts down Russian President Vladimir Putin for a series of sit-down interviews. This should be interesting.

“Superhuman” (KASA-2 8pm) This one’s just another variation on the “America’s Got Talent” formula. Only, allegedly, contestants have extraordinary, superhuman abilities—like good memory, exceptional hearing and “frog calling skills.” … Don’t ask me.

Tuesday 13

Oh, Hello On Broadway (Netflix streaming anytime) Can’t make it to NYC? Here’s a recorded version of the heavily improvised Broadway play starring Nick Kroll (“Kroll Show”) and John Mulaney (“Saturday Night Live”) as a couple of oddball elderly men.

Wednesday 14

“Amazing Monkeys” (Smithsonian 6pm) You had me at “monkeys.”

“Emogenius” (Game Show Network 7:30pm) Contestants try to figure out what the hell emojis are saying in this new gameshow that more or less exposes how pointless modern civilization is.

“Blood Drive” (Syfy 8pm) Syfy’s new grindhouse exploitation series is set in a retro-futuristic world (1999, to be precise) in which water is scarce, violence is endemic and Los Angeles’ last good cop is sucked into an underground road race filled with cars that run on human blood.
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