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Thursday 6

“Mosquito” (Discovery 7pm) Discovery spends an hour and a half exploring summer’s biggest irritant and modern history’s greatest killer.

Friday 7

“Castlevania” (Netflix streaming anytime) Konami’s side-scrolling platform adventure gets its first animated adaptation since 1989’s Nintendo-themed Saturday morning kids show “Captain N: The Game Master”—which … didn’t exactly stick close to its video game roots.

“Pure” (Hulu streaming anytime) Hulu snaps up a canceled Canadian Broadcast Corporation drama described as “the Mennonite ‘Breaking Bad’.”

Saturday 8

Tour de Pharmacy (HBO 8pm) Five competitors provide an inside look at the world of professional cycling and its checkered history (to say the least) with doping.

Sunday 9

“SW17—Sharktacular” (Discovery 6pm) Shark Week enters another year with exclusive sneak peeks, viral videos and a look back at the greatest sharks in Shark Week history.

“The Bold Type” (Freeform 7:01pm) Longtime fashion/lifestyle magazine editor Joanna Coles is the inspiration (as well as the executive producer) behind this drama about the hip, young staffers of the “global women’s magazine” Scarlet.

“Candy Crush” (KRQE-13 8pm) That mobile phone game that your mother seems to like becomes a TV game show hosted by Mario Lopez.

“The Defiant Ones” (HBO 7pm) This four-part documentary about hip-hop history covers the improbable friendship between record industry producer Jimmy Iovine and Compton-based DJ Dr. Dre.

“One Night Only: Alec Baldwin” (Spike TV 7pm) Alec Baldwin is honored in an exclusive black tie evening full of comedic tributes. Note: for legal purposes, his is not a “roast.”

“Apollo Gauntlet” (Cartoon Network 1:15am) In this typically weird Adult Swim cartoon, an Earth cop trapped on an alien world fights crime with the help of some talking, magical gauntlets.

Monday 10

“Will” (TNT 7pm) Young Will Shakespeare is the subject of this “wild, rowdy” new drama about 16th century London’s theater scene.

“Funny How?” (Viceland 9:30pm) This behind-the-scenes, on-the-road documentary series explores the “highs and lows of life as a comedian.”

Tuesday 11

“American Ripper” (History 8:03pm) If you read Devil in the White City, then you know H.H. Holmes—who is widely regarded as America’s first full-blown serial killer. Here, with the help of some experts, a dude named Jeff Mudgett sets out to prove that his ancestor, Mr. Holmes, was also Jack the Ripper. The bigger mystery: Why would you want to convince people your ancestor was not one, but two notorious serial killers?

“The Hollywood Puppet S#!% Show” (Fuse 8:30pm) Marionettes reenact real stories told by the celebrities who experienced them. Wilmer Valderrama (as a marionette) hosts.

Wednesday 12

“The 25th ESPY Awards” (KOAT-7 7pm) Peyton Manning hosts, handing out statues to athletes for whom millions and millions of dollars simply aren’t reward enough.

“The 15 Most Iconic Summer Blockbusters of All Time” (KWBQ-19 8pm) The CW looks back at popular summer flicks from years past.

“Salvation” (KRQE-13 8pm) In this summer sci-fi drama, an asteroid is hurtling toward Earth and will wipe out civilization in 186 days. Scientists and government forces race against time to prevent it. Ordinary citizens freak out. At this point, you know the drill.
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