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Thursday 31

Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman (Discovery 7pm) This documentary feature about “conservation heroes of the heartland” travels across the US to find families that work the land and the oceans but are transcending political differences to protect natural resources.

“Mysteries of the Abandoned: Chernobyl’s Deadly Secrets” (Science 7:02PM) Science’s show about abandoned industrial architecture travels to Russia to see what’s happened to the irradiated town of Chernobyl in the last 30 years.

Friday 1

Little Evil (Netflix streaming anytime) Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly star in this horror comedy about a guy who gets married to the seemingly perfect woman, a single mother, only to discover that her son is probably the Antichrist.

“Diana, 7 Days” (KOB-4 7pm) Nope, we still haven’t weathered the “Anniversary of Princess Diana’s Death” storm. Keep hunkering down. There may be more to come.

Saturday 2

“The Essentials: Rogue Computers” (TCM 6pm) Computers go crazy tonight on TCM, starting with HAL 9000 freaking out some astronauts in 1968’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Then, a whole bunch of androids shoot up human vacationers in 1973’s Westworld. Finally, an artificially intelligent machine named Proteus IV takes over his creator’s home and does some particularly uncomfortable things to the guy’s wife in 1977’s Demon Seed.

Sunday 3

Murderous Matrimony Marathon (Lifetime 8am) Lifetime does what it does best, frighten suburban women and bolster the wedding industry, with this marathon of unholy matrimony. We’ve got The Perfect Wife (8am), Til Death Do Us Part (10am), Newlywed and Dead (12pm), You May Now Kill the Bride (2pm), Nightmare Wedding (4pm), Psycho Wedding Crasher (6pm) and Honeymoon From Hell (8:02pm).

“Twin Peaks: The Return” (Showtime 6pm) This two-hour series finale is your last opportunity to figure out what the hell is going on.

“The ABC Fall Preview Special” (KOAT-7 9pm) Katy Mixon and Diedrich Bader try to convince us to watch “The Mayor.” Eh, maybe once.

Monday 4

“Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G.” (A&E 6pm) This documentary biography charts the life and death of influential rapper Biggie Smalls.

“Chandra Levy: An American Murder Mystery” (TLC 6pm) TLC looks into the notorious disappearance and murder of Washington D.C. intern Chandra Levy. I mean, she was no Biggie Smalls or anything.

“CBS Fall Preview” (KRQE-13 7:30pm) David Boreanaz and Jeremy Piven try to convince us to watch “Young Sheldon.” Not a chance.

“Road to 9/11” (History 7pm) Sorry, Princess D, but you’re gonna have to get out of the way. We’ve got another tragic anniversary coming up.

Tuesday 5

“American Horror Story: Cult” (FX 11pm) Creator Ryan Murphy scares the bejeezus out of us by taking us back to election night 2016 and showing us what the world would be like if Donald Trump had won the election. (No, really. That’s the plot.) I’m already terrified.

Wednesday 6

“Epicly Later’d” (Viceland 8pm) Viceland’s self-styled “nerdy skateboard show” starts off by looking into the life of legendary pro skater Bam Margera as he struggles to overcome substance abuse and the loss of his best friend in today’s post-“Jackass” environment.
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