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Devin D. O'Leary
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Thursday 26

’70s Future Shock (TCM 6pm) See what the future looks like according to 1970s Hollywood starting with 1971’s The Omega Man, followed by 1976’s Logan’s Run (8pm), 1971’s THX 1138 (10:15pm) and 1971’s A Clockwork Orange (midnight).

Springfield of Dreams: The Legend of Homer Simpson (FOX Sports 1 8pm) Not only did “The Simpsons” give Albuquerque the name of its Triple-A baseball team (the Isotopes, of course), Homer Simpson himself was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame—as this “Simpsonized” documentary celebrating the legendary “Simpsons” episode “Homer at Bat” attests.

Friday 27

“Stranger Things” (Netflix streaming anytime) I predict a noticeable slowdown in internet service tonight as everyone and their aunt tries to binge-watch the entire second season of Netflix’s Stephen-King-meets-Steven-Spielberg horror series.

“Michael Jackson’s Halloween” (KRQE-13 7pm) There’s something unaccountably unsettling about this CGI special in which two “millennials,” Vincent and Victoria, find themselves stuck in a mysterious, magical (and one assumes, musical) mansion straight out of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.

Saturday 28

Flint (Lifetime 6pm) Kind of sad, really, that Flint, Mich., got a TV movie (starring Queen Latifah, Betsy Brandt and Rob Morrow) before it got an actual solution to its water crisis.

Marry Me at Christmas (Hallmark 6pm) Screw it. Hallmark Channel can’t be expected to wait until after Halloween (never mind Thanksgiving) to start airing its annual spate of Christmas-themed rom-coms.

Black Sabbath: The End of the End (Showtime 7pm) The Devil’s (and possibly God’s) favorite heavy metal band is profiled in this behind-the-scenes documentary about Ozzy and pals’ final performance.

“Saturday Night Live: The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special” (KOB-4 10:30pm) Well, that was inevitable, I suppose. Still, it’s kind of weird that the most talked-about characters on “SNL” lately (Tom Hanks as David S. Pumpkins, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer) aren’t actual cast members.

Sunday 29

Nude (Starz 8pm) This documentary special examines the methods and styles of famed fashion photographer David Bellemere as he is commissioned to shoot a calendar of nudes to debut at the prestigious Art Basel show in Miami Beach.

Monday 30

“Cake Boss: Buddy’s Most Spooktacular Cakes” (Discovery Family Channel 7pm) Good for you for getting into the spirit of the season, DFC.

Tuesday 31

“Terror in the Woods: Halloween Fright Night” (DA 7pm) Destination America tries scaring viewers with this docudrama series featuring recreations of stories about campers and hunters who have been frightened by alleged “supernatural events.” Well, it’s scarier than cakes.

The Haunting (TCM 7:30pm) If you’re searching for some scares on Halloween night, you could do worse (way worse) than Robert Wise’s sobering ghost story from 1963.

Wednesday 1

“Stan Against Evil” (IFC 8pm) IFC’s goofy-gory, Evil Dead-inspired horror comedy about a small town sheriff (grumpy John C. McGinley) fighting an assortment of demons, witches and monsters kicks off a second bloody season.
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