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Thursday 26

“NFL Draft: Round 1” (KRQEDT2/ESPN/NFL 6pm) Football super nerds unite. Get ready for three and a half hours’ worth of guys at a podium reading names. And it’s only round 1!

Friday 27

“Bobby Kennedy For President” (Netflix streaming anytime) Right in time for the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s 83-day presidential run (which ended, of course in his assassination), Netflix fires up this 4-part documentary series.

Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie (Hulu streaming anytime) Gloria Steinem, Roxane Gay, Peggy Orenstein and a host of Mattel insiders are interviewed for this documentary, which looks back at the 60-year pop-cultural history of the fashion icon/feminist lightning rod.

David Bowie: Five Years (BBC America 8pm) This BBC-produced documentary investigates the last five, highly secretive years of David Bowie’s life.

“Taskmaster” (Comedy Central 12am) Musician/comedian Reggie Watts (“The Late Late Show with James Corden) hosts this no-stakes “game show” in which contestants (comedians) compete in “a series of incredibly taxing and strange challenges”—all of which are harshly judged by Watts himself.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space (TCM 2am) Monstrous clowns are pretty popular these days. You can give at least partial credit to Stephen, Charles and Edward Chiodo’s 1988 sci-fi/horror comedy about evil space clowns who kill with murderous pranks. Oddly enough, this cult fave is the only film the Chiodo brothers (known mostly as special effects gurus) ever directed.

Saturday 28

The Beach House (Hallmark 7pm) Minka Kelly (“Friday Night Lights”), Andie MacDowell (Four Weddings and a Funeral) and Chad Michael Murray (“One Tree Hill”) star in this “Hallmark Hall of Fame” romance. Hallmark’s been making these Hall of Fame movies since 1951!

Sunday 29

Nanny Killer (Lifetime 6pm) A hardworking college student takes on a summer job as a nanny for some rich kids at a secluded vineyard. But these spoiled brats want nothing more than to fulfill this Lifetime thriller’s titular promise.

“The Simpsons” (KASA-2 7pm) With tonight’s 636th episode, “The Simpsons” surpasses “Gunsmoke” as the scripted primetime series with the most episodes in history. (It became the longest-running primetime series back in 2009, but they used to make waaay more episodes each season back in the “Gunsmoke” days.) Of course, since “Gunsmoke” was an hour long, “The Simpsons” is gonna have to produce twice as many episode to catch up in total hours aired in primetime. Still, congratulations are in order.

Monday 30

“Very Superstitious with George Lopez” (A&E 6pm) Comedian George Lopez checks out the reality (or not) behind various cultural superstitions.

“James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction” (AMC 8:05pm) This six-part documentary series finds the director of The Terminator, Aliens and Avatar exploring the history and evolution of the sci-fi genre.

Tuesday 1

“John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City” (Netflix streaming anytime) The straight-laced stand-up takes his latest comedy tour to New York’s Radio City Music Hall.

Wednesday 2

“My House” (Viceland 8:30pm) Apparently “voguing” is still a thing.
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