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Thursday 28

Action Figures 2 (Sony Crackle streaming anytime) Adrenaline junkie and X Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana and his Nitro Circus perform a bunch of crazy stunts, jumping over things while riding other things with wheels.

Friday 29

“Kiss Me First” (Netflix streaming anytime) In this British cyber-thriller, a 17-year-old girl (Tallulah Haddon) meets a confident party girl (Simona Brown) on an online gaming platform. But when her friend disappears, our young protagonist assumes her digital identity and is quickly drawn into a virtual reality world filled with danger.

“A Very English Scandal” (Amazon streaming anytime) Brit boys Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw star in the BBC miniseries for former “Doctor Who” showrunner Russell T. Davies. The story dramatizes the real-life political scandal of ’70s-era Member of Parliament Jeremy Thorpe (Grant) who was tried for conspiracy to murder his ex-lover (Whishaw).

Matriarchy Movies (TCM 6pm) Turner Classic Movies celebrates Grrl Power with a marathon of women-in-charge cinema. Learn your place, gentlemen, with 1965’s She, 1967’s Prehistoric Women, 1945’s Tarzan and the Amazons and 1958’s Queen of Outer Space. Among tonight’s Amazonian rulers: Ursula Andress, Martine Beswick and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Saturday 30

“Fate/EXTRA Last Encore: Oblitus Copernican Theory” (Netflix streaming anytime) I have a hard time following/comprehending Fate/Stay Night, a collection of anime movies/TV shows based on the PlayStation visual novel/video game series about students/wizards in modern-day Tokyo battling one another in the “Holy Grail War.” Now, we have this new anime series based on the spinoff video game for PlayStation Portable, which is apparently set in a parallel universe to the original branching storyline. … Have at it, fans.

“Sir Mix-A-Lot’s House Remix” (DIY 6pm) Yes, the singer of such immortal classics as “Baby Got Back” and “Put ’Em On the Glass” is now really into home remodeling.

Sunday 1

Killer Single Dad (Lifetime 6pm) Lifetime Original Movies, the masters of suburban white lady paranoia, return with this hilariously implausible thriller about “an expectant mother who befriends a good Samaritan, unaware he is actually the father to her unborn baby and is ‘collecting’ all of the children he sired as an anonymous sperm donor.”

“Kandi Koated Nights” (Bravo 10pm) “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss gets a “candid” half-hour chat show based on her “popular” web series. Welcome to fame in the 21st century, people.

“Mostly 4 Millennials” (Cartoon Network 1am) This manic, weird live-action chat show for Adult Swim (which traffics exclusive in manic, weird live-action these days) pokes merciless fun at millennials. Tide Pods and emojis, y’all!

Monday 2

“Naked and Marooned with Ed Stafford” (Animal Planet 8pm) Why be naked and afraid when you can be naked and marooned? Just ask English explorer and naked guy trapped on a tropical island for 60 days, Ed Stafford.

Tuesday 3

Strokes of Genius (KWBQ-19 7pm) This feature documentary showcases the epic 2008 rivalry between five-time Wimbledon champ Roger Federer and Spanish upstart Rafael Nadal. … That, or its a gay porn film.

Wednesday 4

See “
Idiot Box.”
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