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Thursday 9

“Meteor Garden” (Netflix streaming anytime) At the insistence of her parents, a poor girl goes to a university for rich kids and ends up attracting the attentions of four handsome but arrogant young men. This is a remake of a popular 2001 TV series out of Taiwan (itself based on the Japanese comic book Boys Over Flowers).

Friday 10

“All About the Washingtons” (Netflix streaming anytime) Joseph Simmons (a.k.a. Rev. Run from Run-DMC) stars in this sitcom about a legendary hip-hop performer who decides to retire. His wife takes advantage of the situation to restart her career, leaving our protagonist to raise the kids and keep the house in order. Think Mr. Mom, but with a rap beat.

“Insatiable” (Netflix streaming anytime) Lauren Gussis (a former staff writer on “Dexter”) created this dark comedy about a beauty pageant contestant (and former plus-sized girl), who’s only competing in order to wreak revenge on the people who bullied her in high school. Though it hasn’t even aired, an online petition is calling for the removal of this dark comedy on the grounds that it fat-shames women. Maybe watch it first and then decide.

“Ordeal By Innocence” (Amazon streaming anytime) Agatha Christie’s 1958 murder mystery gets a mini-series adaptation starring Bill Nighy, Morvern Christie, Alice Eve, Matthew Goode and Luke Treadaway.

Freaky Friday (Disney 9pm) Mary Rodgers’ seminal 1972 kids’ novel gets its fourth Disney adaptation. After Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster (1976), Shelly Long and Gaby Hoffman (1995) and Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan (2003), we get Heidi Bickenstaff and Cozi Zuehlsdorff as the mother and daughter who mysteriously switch bodies. This one’s a musical version.

Saturday 11

I Am Paul Walker (Paramount 7pm) Paul Walker—star of several Fast and Furious films, 17 episodes of “The Young and the Restless” and 1998’s Meet the Deedles—gets the documentary biopic treatment.

“The Vanilla Ice Project” (DIY 8pm) Former rapper Vanilla Ice gets ready for the eighth season of his home renovation show. … You know, that’s two seasons longer than both “The Bob Newhart Show” and “The Sopranos.”

Sunday 12

“Teen Choice 2018” (KASA-2 7pm) Nick Cannon and “Lele” Pons host. … Yup, I’m old enough I had to look her up. She’s a “Venezuelan-American internet personality” who got famous as the “most-followed” and “most-looped” person on the short-form video hosting platform Vine.

Monday 13

“Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy” (Sony Crackle streaming anytime) Actor/comedian Rob Riggle stars as actor/comedian Rob Riggle, “who is mostly known for his legendary ski master movies.” Now—at least according to this satirical sitcom—the performer has invested his money and reputation into starting a school dedicated to “America’s truest art form,” personal watercraft riding.

Tuesday 14

Santa Jaws (Syfy 7pm) Feeding off of Discovery’s annual “Shark Week,” is Syfy’s “Sharknado Week.” It features such delights as this film about, yes, a family devoured by a shark during Christmas. This one was directed by Misty Talley (who gave us Mississippi River Shark, Ozark Sharks and Zombie Shark).

Wednesday 15

“Raising Tourette’s” (A&E 8:01pm) Kids with Tourette’s syndrome are just like other adolescents—in that they have their own docu-reality show now.
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