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Thursday 23

“Deadwind” (Netflix streaming anytime) Oh, Nordic noir. So dark, so cold, so filled with depressed police detectives. From Finland comes this crime series about a detective/mother trying to get over the death of her husband when she discovers the body of a young woman on a construction site, triggering a chain of events that threatens to destroy her life all over again.

“Follow This” (Netflix streaming anytime) The millennial writers at BuzzFeed get their own TV show, reporting on quirky internet fads, men’s rights activists, black survivalists, intersex couples and listicles … so many listicles.

Quiet Heroes (Logo 7am) This Sundance Film Festival documentary premieres on Logo. It tells the story of the only doctor in the entire state of Mormon-heavy Utah to treat HIV/AIDS patients.

Friday 24

“Ghoul” (Netflix streaming anytime) This Indian action horror web series (I swear I didn’t pick those words at random) relates the story of a newly appointed military interrogator (Radhika Apte, Kabali) who arrives at a covert military detention center, only to realize that not all of the prisoners are human.

“The Innocents” (Netflix streaming anytime) It’s tough being a teenager these days. They all have mysterious superpowers, and they’re all being hunted down by evil government scientist types. At least that’s the case here. And in basically every other TV show or movie about teenagers.

Crime + Punishment (Hulu streaming anytime) Hulu snapped up this award-winning documentary offering a fly-on-the-wall look at discriminatory policing practices and corruption in the New York Police Department.

“Safe Harbour” (Hulu streaming anytime) This timely and thought-provoking Australian drama centers on a group of five Australians on a yachting holiday to Indonesia whose idyllic vacation takes a disastrous turn when they come across a broken-down fishing boat full of desperate asylum seekers.

Saturday 25

Killer Night Shift (Lifetime 6pm) A pregnant woman, forced into bed rest, gets additional help from two home care nurses. Unbeknownst to her, however, one of them has a vendetta against her husband and wants to steal her baby! C’mon, lady, what did you expect after getting pregnant on Lifetime Network?

Sunday 26

“America To Me” (Starz 8pm) This new documentary series from Steve James (Hoop Dreams) explores race relations in America by following several black and biracial students throughout the year at Oak Park and River Forest High, a public school in suburban Chicago.

Monday 27

“MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas” (MTV 9pm) Single motherhood hasn’t stopped the twentysomething stars of MTV’s new reality show from being fabulous, fashionable and ready to party. … Mostly because they’re all rich and overprivileged.

Tuesday 28

“The Shop” (HBO 9pm) NBA star LeBron James hosts a talk show from his neighborhood barbershop. Sports stars (Odell Beckham Jr., Alvin Kamara, Draymond Green) are the focus, but the occasional entertainment star (Snoop Dogg, Jon Stewart) stops by for a fade and a chat as well.

Wednesday 29

Smokey and the Bandit/Smokey and the Bandit II (AMC 8:20pm/10:35pm) These films really should be a required part of American history classes.
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