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Thursday 6

The Cold Blue (HBO 6pm) Famed Hollywood director William Wyler (Ben-Hur, The Best Years of Our Lives, Mrs. Miniver, Roman Holiday, Funny Girl) went to Europe in 1943 to shoot a documentary titled The Memphis Bell: A Story of a Flying Fortress. All of Wyler’s raw (color) footage was recently rediscovered and restored in full 4K resolution. Modern-day documentarian Erik Nelson (Dreams with Sharp Teeth, A Gray State) combines that with interviews talking to the few remaining members of the Eighth Air Force to create this historical portrait of World War II, described as “a meditation on youth, war and trauma.”

Friday 7

“Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City” (Netflix streaming anytime) Laura Linney, Olympia Dukakis, Barbara Garrick and Paul Gross return in this sequel to the popular PBS series based on the books by Armistead Maupin. Twenty years after leaving San Francisco to pursue her career, Mary Ann (Linney) returns to 28 Barbary Lane and is reunited with her daughter, ex-husband and colorful neighbors.

“The Big Stage” (KWBQ-19 8pm) Because you can never have enough televised talent competitions. Evidently.

Saturday 8

Adriana Trigiani’s Very Valentine (Lifetime 6pm) Adriana Trigiani’s shoe-based romance novel (the first of a trilogy, you are warned) centers on the life of Valentine Roncalli (Kelen Coleman from “Big Little Lies”), apprentice to and granddaughter of master shoe artisan Teodora Angelini (Jacqueline Bisset). The Angelini Shoe Company has made and sold wedding shoes in Greenwich Village since 1903. Now it’s up to Valentine to bring her family’s business into the 21st century and save it from financial ruin.

Sunday 9

“73rd Annual Tony Awards” (KRQE-13 7pm) The theatrically minded James Corden hosts.

“Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” (Travel 7pm) Robert Ripley’s weird fact/odd stunt-filled newspaper strip gets its fifth TV iteration with fan favorite actor Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, “The Adventures of Brisco County Jr,.” Bubba Ho-Tep, “Burn Notice”) hosting.

“Sugar and Toys” (Fuse 9pm) Fuse gets its first adult animation with this toon from “Black Dynamite” and “The Boondocks” producers Carl Jones and Brian Ash. Described as a “wild new twist on the Saturday morning cartoons,” the show is a mix of animated and live-action shorts—including mock toy commercials, PSA spoofs, social commentary and music video parodies.

Monday 10

“Kate Plus Date” (TLC 8:01pm) Unlike Jon Gosselin, TLC isn’t willing to give up on Kate Gosselin. Following “Jon & Kate Plus Eight,” “Kate Plus Eight” and “Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10” (not to mention appearances on “Say Yes to the Dress,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “Celebrity Wife Swap” and “The Apprentice”), the TV mom gets yet another show—this one centering on her (shudder) dating life.

Tuesday 11

“Press Your Luck” (KOAT-7 9:01pm) The 1983 to 1986 gameshow gets a revival with with Elizabeth Banks (Wet Hot American Summer, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The Hunger Games) as host.

Wednesday 12

“Card Sharks” (KOAT-7 8pm) ABC goes basically all TV gameshows for the summer, adding this reboot of the 1979 to 1989 series. Joel McHale (sure, why not?) hosts.

“Savage Builds” (Science 8pm) Adam Savage from “Mythbusters” kicks off his own extreme engineering show by building a working Iron Man suit.
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