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Thursday 14

“Thanksgiving Pie Fight” (Food 7pm) What with all the attention paid on TV to Halloween and Christmas, poor Thanksgiving kinda gets the squeeze. About the only channels that seem to care about Thanksgiving these days are the ones dedicated to food. Here, Food Network offers up a reality show cooking competition centering on pies. Freaking pies. I mean, how hard would it be for Lifetime to come up with a romantic comedy about a guy from England falling in love with a Native American woman at some quant little inn in Plymouth, Mass. over the holiday? They get snowed in, raid the pantry, cobble together a romantic dinner. This thing writes itself.

Friday 15

“The Club” (Netflix streaming anytime) Some “misfit rich kids” in Mexico launch careers as hip MDMA dealers, but soon run afoul of other narcos, the law and their parents.

“Dollface” (Hulu streaming anytime) After being dumped by her longtime boyfriend, Jules (Kat Dennings, “Two Broke Girls”) struggles to “literally and metaphorically” reenter the world of women and rekindle the female friendships she left behind.

“I’m With the Band: Nasty Cherry” (Netflix streaming anytime) Pop star Charli XCX mentors an all-girl rock band in Netflix’s slight (but legally distinct) variation on ABC/MTV’s “Making the Band”

“The Stranded” (Netflix streaming anytime) Netflix’s first-ever Thai TV series centers on a group of elite prep school students struggling to survive on a tropical island after it is destroyed by a tsunami.

Klaus (Netflix streaming anytime) This animated feature from Spain serves as the “origin story” of Santa Claus. Seems an inept postman (voiced by Jason Schwartzman), reassigned to the Arctic Circle, runs into a reclusive toy maker (J.K. Simmons). The rest, as they say, is history. Or fiction, really.

One Fine Christmas (OWN 7pm) Oprah Winfrey and her network make their first foray into the holiday film biz. Rick Fox, Sasha Fox, Marla Gibbs and Vanessa Williams are among the stars of this ensemble drama about a bunch of families living on “Christmas Street”—all of whom are too busy with their own day-to-day problems to recognize “the importance of family” during the holiday season. Don’t worry. There will be hugging.

Saturday 16

“Sesame Street” (HBO 7am) The 50th season of venerable kids’ educational show “Sesame Street” hits HBO. Go ahead and feel old.

Sunday 17

2019 Soul Train Awards (BET 6pm) Tisha Campbell-Martin (House Party, “My Wife and Kids”) and Tichina Arnold (“Everybody Hates Chris,” “The Neighborhood”) host this year’s awards. Tisha and Tichina (say that 10 times fast) both appeared as the “Greek chorus” soul singers in 1986’s Little Shop of Horrors and costarred in the sitcom “Martin.”

“Macy’s Thanksgiving Cake Spectacular” (Food 8pm) Cake? Freaking cake? Is that all Thanksgiving is to you people? Dessert?

Monday 18

“Blind Date” (Bravo 12:30am) The popular (and snarky) early-00s reality/dating show returns with comedian Nikki Glaser taking over for original host Roger Lodge, whose general contempt for the show and the people on it will be hard to replicate.

Tuesday 19

Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops (HBO 7pm) HBO’s latest documentary acquisition follows two police officers in San Antonio’s groundbreaking mental health unit as they work to divert people in crisis away from jail.

Wednesday 20

“Mad About You” (Spectrum.com streaming anytime) While movies are crazy about reboots, TV is nuts for surprise returns: “Full House,” “Will & Grace,” “Roseanne,” “Murphy Brown.” ‘Member the ’90s sitcom “Mad About You” with Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt? Well, it’s back after 20 years, and you can watch new episodes … if you subscribe to Spectrum’s over-the-top internet television streaming service. That’s how they get you.
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