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Thursday 27

“Followers” (Netflix streaming anytime) From Japan comes this trendy drama about an aspiring young actress (Elaiza Ikeda) who hits it big when a candid Instagram post from a famous photographer (Miki Nakatani, who also directs) blows up on the Internet.

Friday 28

“Queen Sono” (Netflix streaming anytime) How about a little spy thriller out of South Africa? A highly trained undercover agent (Pearl Thusi from “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency”) must take on her most dangerous mission while dealing with a crisis in her personal life. This marks Netflix’s first original series out of Africa. Expect more in the future, including a teen drama from South Africa and an animated sci-fi series out of Zambia.

“Toy Boy” (Netflix streaming anytime) Continuing the international theme, Netflix pulls this sexy crime drama out of Brazil. After seven years in a Málaga prison, a male stripper (Jesús Mosquera) is released pending retrial and sets out to prove his former lover framed him for her husband’s murder. Think Just Mercy mixed with Magic Mike.

The Kingmaker (Showtime 7pm) Showtime’s newest documentary looks into the life of controversial Filipino first lady Imelda Marcos, deposed along with her husband after the 1986 People Power Revolution. In addition to following her time as wife to notorious dictator Ferdinand Marcos, the film watches, somewhat aghast, as Mrs. Marcos works to get her son, Bongbong Marcos, appointed to increasingly prominent political posts.

Saturday 29

“Fire Fight Australia Concert” (KRQE-DT2 10pm) This concert, recorded on Feb. 16, is aimed at raising money for rural and regional recovery efforts in the wake of the devastating Australian bushfires. The somewhat eclectic musical guest list includes 5 Seconds of Summer, Alice Cooper, Icehouse, k.d. lang, Michael Bublé, Olivia Newton-John and Queen + Adam Lambert.

Sunday 1

“Dispatches from Elsewhere” (AMC 8:08pm) This oddball anthology series centers on a group of ordinary people (Jason Segel, Richard E. Grant, Sally Field, Andre Benjamin among them) who stumble across a puzzle hiding “just beyond the veil of everyday life.” It’s based, somehow, on “Games of Nonchalance,” a sort of ARG (alternate reality game) experience that unfolded on the streets of San Francisco courtesy of Northern California artist collective Nonchalance.

Monday 2

“Breeders” (FX 11pm) Martin Freeman (“The Office,” “Sherlock,” The Hobbit) and Daisy Haggard (“Episodes,” “Back to Life”) are a couple of loving, attentive parents—despite the fact that they sometimes want to kill their two children. Their overflowing lives of family and career reach the breaking point, however, when Ally’s estranged father (Michael McKean from “Lavern & Shirley,” This Is Spinal Tap and “Better Call Saul”) appears on their doorstep, essentially adding a third child to the mix. Simon Blackwell (“Veep,” “Peep Show”) and Chris Addison (“Veep,” “The Thicke of It”) are the minds behind this bitter British sitcom.

Tuesday 3

“America’s Choice 2020: Super Tuesday” (CNN 3pm) A whole mess of states hold their primary elections and caucuses today. At some point, we might have a solid clue as to who will be running against Donald Trump for the presidency. Most of the broadcast networks are waiting until 8 or 9pm to start their coverage. But if you’re particularly anxious, CNN starts their day-long coverage at 3pm. You can spend the afternoon nervously Facebooking as the vote count creeps from 1 percent reporting to 2 percent reporting.

Wednesday 4

“Volcano Live! with Nik Wallenda” (KOAT-7 7pm) You can’t beat high-wire balancing acts for that special combination of thrilling and tedious. Tonight, the legendary seventh-generation tightroper Nik Wallenda—who already walked across Niagara Falls—spends half an hour or so (out of a two-hour show) pussyfooting across an active volcano in Nicaragua.

“Dave” (FXX 8pm) Kevin Hart is the producer behind this sitcom inspired by the life of unlikely Jewish rapper/comedian Lil Dicky (a.k.a. Dave Burd)—who racked up a million views on YouTube in 24 hours for his 2013 music video “Ex-Boyfriend.”
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