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Thursday 5

“Devs” (Hulu streaming anytime) Alex Garland (The Beach, 28 Days Later, Sunshine, Ex Machina) is the writer-director-creator of this sci-fi miniseries about an engineer (Sonoya Mizuno) working for a quantum computing company run by a mysterious genius (Nick Offerman), whom she believes is responsible for the disappearance of her boyfriend.

“Busch Family Brewed” (MTV 7:01pm) Good news! MTV has located another fabulously wealthy family full of idiots who, for some sad reason, do not have a docu-reality show. MTV corrects this injustice by pointing some cameras at the great-grandson of beer mogul Adolphus Busch and his seven generic blond offspring.

Friday 6

“Amazing Stories” (Apple TV+ streaming anytime) Steven Spielberg relaunches his short-lived (1985-87) dream project with this rebooted sci-fi anthology (based on the classic 1930s magazine).

“Hillary” (Hulu streaming anytime) Hulu examines the life and times of one Hillary Clinton in this biographical series.

“ZeroZeroZero” (Amazon Prime streaming anytime) This international crime drama (filmed in Mexico, Italy, Senegal, Morocco and the US) is based on Italian author Roberto Saviano’s novel about the global drug trade.

“The Most Dangerous Animal of All” (FX 9pm) Based on the New York Times best-selling book, this four-part documentary series explores Gary L. Stewart’s claims that his long-lost father was the infamous Zodiac killer.

Saturday 7

My Nightmare Landlord (Lifetime 6pm) A brief list of other people/things that Lifetime Network Movies think are/have nightmares: Anniversary Nightmare, Nightmare Best Friend, Nightmare Tenant, Nightmare Wedding, Nightmare Nurse, Nanny Nightmare, One Nightmare Stand, Cheerleader Nightmare, A Surrogate’s Nightmare, A Father’s Nightmare, Sorority Nightmare, Her Worst Nightmare, Stalked By My Doctor: A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare.

Sunday 8

“Rob Riggle: Global Investigator” (Discovery 8:02pm) Actor, comedian and retired Marine Rob Riggle travels the world trying to solve some of history’s greatest mysteries: Atlantis, the Holy Grail, that kinda thing.

Monday 9

Cinema at Sea (TCM 4:15am) Turner Classic Movies spends an entire day at sea, starting with Irwin Allen’s 1952 documentary The Sea Around Us. That’s followed by the 1916 silent short “Fatty and Mabel Adrift” (5:30am), 1935’s sci-fi drama Transatlantic Tunnel (6:15am), the 1939 thriller Pacific Liner (8:15am), the 1936 cartoon “Popeye Meets Sinbad the Sailor” (9:45am), the 1932 thriller The Most Dangerous Game (10:15am), 1957’s survival drama Abandon Ship (11:30am), the 1979 disaster flick Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1:30pm), the 1964 musical The Unsinkable Molly Brown (3:30pm), the 1972 disaster hit The Poseidon Adventure (6pm), the 1941 drama The Sea Wolf (8:15pm), 1960’s doomed ocean liner film The Last Voyage (10:15pm), 1958’s Titanic drama A Night to Remember (midnight) and 1959’s The Wreck of the Mary Deare (2:15am)

Tuesday 10

“Women of Troy” (HBO 7pm) HBO’s newest sports doc explores the Cheryl Miller-led USC Trojans and their impact on women’s basketball.

Wednesday 11

“The Funny Dance Show” (E! 8:30pm) Ever wonder what your favorite comedians are like as dancers? Yeah, me neither. Nevertheless, E! pits two teams of stand-up comics (Jessimae Peluso, Flula Borg, Maz Jabroni, Fortune Femster, Ron Funches, Kel Mitchell among them) against one another in this rather specific “Dancing With the Stars” knockoff. The Real Loni Love hosts. … Just bring back “Pants Off Dance Off” already.
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