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The Week In Sloth

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Thursday 20

“The Great Quake” (National Geographic 7 p.m.) One hundred years ago, San Francisco had one hell of an earthquake. This year, the city is celebrating (if that's the word), the anniversary of this earthshaking (literally) event. Here, National Geographic Channel gives us a history of the 1906 San Fran earthquake featuring lots of recreations. (Sadly, I'm picturing a Mack Sennett one-reeler with dudes in bowler hats falling down a lot.)

“Decoding the Past: The Other Nostradamus” (History 7 p.m.) Fringe-dwelling Christian/New Age prophet Edgar Cayce allegedly predicted World War II, the Great Depression and the deaths of several presidents (all conveniently revealed anecdotally and after the fact). Of course, Cayce also predicted that 1933 would be a “good year” (it was, in fact, the worst year of the Depression), that scientists would discover a “death ray” from Atlantis in 1958 (still waiting on that one) and that China would convert entirely to Christianity by 1968 (ditto).

Friday 21

“Miss USA 2006” (NBC 8 p.m.) This year, “Access Hollywood” gal Nancy O'Dell and “Dancing with the Stars” winner Drew Lachey host. I am soooo not there.

Saturday 22

Elizabeth I (HBO 9 p.m.) HBO rolls out the red carpet for this two-part miniseries about the life and times of Queen Elizabeth. The all-star Brit cast includes Helen Mirren, Jeremy Irons, Hugh Dancy and Ian McDiarmid (hey, that's the evil Emperor Palpatine!). It's got love, scandal, humor and executions. How can you go wrong?

Sunday 23

In From the Night (KRQE-13 8 p.m.) This drama about a famous author who takes in her troubled teenage nephew sounds suspiciously “inspirational” to me. Still, it stars Oscar winner Marcia Gay Hardin (Pollock) and it was shot here in New Mexico.

“David Blaine: Street Magic”/“160 Lb. Tumor” (8/9 p.m. TLC) Wait. Aren't these the exact same thing?

Monday 24

“Unwrapped: Sack Lunch” (Food 7 p.m.) This show purports to let us in on the secrets behind sack lunches. Here's the only secret you need to know: If it's got a frozen Ding Dong wrapped in tinfoil inside of it, it doesn't matter what the hell else in that little paper sack.

Five Came Back/Back from Eternity (TCM 6/7:30 p.m.) Turner Classic presents this long-lost 1939 disaster film and its 1956 remake. Both concern a planeload of people which crash-lands in the South American jungle, and … well, the title of the first film pretty much spells it out. The '39 version has Lucille Ball. The '56 version has Anita Eckberg. Take your pick.

Tuesday 25

“The Most Extreme: Slime Balls” (Animal Planet 7 p.m.) This nature documentary shows us the inventive ways in which animals utilize slime. Feel free to insert your own political/corporate joke.

Wednesday 26

“Great Performances: South Pacific Live at Carnegie Hall” (KNME-5 7 p.m.) Rogers and Hammerstein's classic Broadway musical gets performed live at Carnegie Hall. The original book by James Michener (Tales of the South Pacific) is much better, but the songs are pretty damn catchy.

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