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The Week In Sloth

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Thursday 7

“’Til Death” (KASA-2 7 p.m.) Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher are a cynical, long-married couple who live next door to a pair of blissful newlyweds (Eddie Kaye Thomas, Kat Foster) in FOX’s newest variation on the “Married … With Children” theme.

Friday 8

“Fashion Rocks” (KRQE-13 8 p.m.) Who doesn’t love clothes? Who doesn’t love music? Now you can have both as rock stars David Bowie, Destiny’s Child, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Shakira, Gwen Stefani and The Arcade Fire play music and hang out with models.

Saturday 9

“AFI” 100 Films … 100 Cheers” (Bravo 7 p.m.) The American Film Institute celebrates the most inspiring films of all time.

Sasquatch Mountain/Sasquatch Hunters (Sci-Fi 7 p.m./9 p.m.) It’s safe to say neither of these films have made the AFI list. Still, Bigfoot fans may be inspired to watch.

“Garbage Mountain” (National Geographic 8 p.m.) California’s Puente Hills landfill may be the largest garbage dump in America, meaning it’s a pretty ripe subject for a documentary. … Hey, at least it’s not in Smell-o-Vision.

Sunday 10

The Path to 9/11 (KOAT-7 7 p.m.) This two-night miniseries is a dramatization of world events contained within The 9/11 Commission Report –from the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center to … well, the release of The 9/11 Commission Report .

“The Simpsons” (KASA-2 7 p.m.) In this season opener, Homer becomes the new kingpin of Springfield after Mob boss Fat Tony is shot by a rival gangster.

“Sunday Night Football” (KOB-4 6 p.m.) It’s the Colts versus the Giants. Get used to it, America. Football is now on Sunday nights.

Monday 11

“Monday Night Football” (ESPN 5 p.m.) Yup, if you wanna watch “Monday Night Football” you gotta have cable now. Minnesota at Washington.

Tuesday 12

“Dancing With the Stars” (KOAT-7 ?) OK, the new TV season has started. It’s no longer summer. Theoretically, we shouldn’t care about crap like this anymore. Of course, if you really wanna watch Tucker Carlson, Harry Hamlin, Joey Lawrence and Jerry Springer try to dance … well, then there’s no hope for you.

“Men in Trees” (KOAT-7 9 p.m.) Anne Heche stars in this “Northern Exposure” variation about an author who moves to rural Alaska to write a book about relationships.

Wednesday 13

“ABC Sneak Peek: The Dramas”/“ABC Sneak Peek: Comedy and Reality” (KOAT-7 8 p.m./8:30 p.m.) Hmmm. “The Bachelor: Rome.” What could this be about? Please, ABC, enlighten me.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live’s All-Star Tribute to Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (KOAT-7 9 p.m.) Memorable clips from the late-night chat show include celebrity surprise cameos, music performances, comedy segments and highlights from regular correspondents.
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