Week In Sloth: “Castro,” “Esquire’s Car Of The Year” And “Supergirl”

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Thursday 22

“Castro: The World’s Most Watched Man” (AHC 8pm) American Heroes Channel casts a leery, libertarian-leaning eye toward Fidel Castro. He’s a commie, you know.

“Great Wild North” (History 8:03pm) Basic cable continues its unreasonable fascination with people who live in cold, rural areas.

Friday 23

Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank (Showtime 7pm) Showtime chronicles the life and times of politician Barney Frank.

“Pacific Warriors” (Discovery 8:03pm) Sounds like a great documentary series about indigenous island culture … but no, it’s just another fishing show.

“Great Performances” (KNME-5 10pm) The Laurence Olivier Award-winning stage show Billy Elliot The Musical (based on the 2000 film about a poor coal miner’s son who dreams of dancing ballet) comes to you live (more or less).

Saturday 24

“Esquire’s Car of the Year” (Esquire 7pm) Will it be the Ferrari 488 GTB? The Dodge Viper GTC? The 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S? Something else you’ll never be able to afford?

The Hollow (Sci-Fi 7pm) A 100-year-old curse gives birth to a mysterious creature that terrorizes three sisters (including Deborah Kara Unger from Highlander III: The Sorcerer) on Halloween eve.

Sunday 25

“The Simpsons” (KASA-2 7pm) Even if you don’t watch “The Simpsons” on a regular basis these days, you probably still tune in for the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes. This year’s XXVIth annual outing wonders what would happen if Sideshow Bob did manage to kill Bart?

“The Guilty” (KNME-5 9pm) For those with a taste for British crime dramas, may I introduce DCI Maggie Brand (Tamsin Greig) who’s investigating a 5-year-old case involving a boy who disappeared at a neighborhood cookout.

Monday 26

“Fear: Buried Alive” (A&E 7pm) Three people take part in a psychological experiment to overcome their darkest fears of being buried alive. … You know, so they can go about their daily lives of being interred on a regular basis—now without the annoying side-effect of being afraid.

“Supergirl” (KRQW-13 7:30pm) After 12 years on Earth, Superman’s cousin (Melissa Benoist from “Glee”) comes out of the closet (so to speak) and starts wearing a cape and fighting crime.

“Follow the Rules” (MTV 11pm) Rapper Ja Rule gets a reality show about his family—probably because somebody came up with a jokey title for it.

Tuesday 27

“Wicked City” (KOAT-7 9pm) Ed Westwick (“Gossip Girl”), Erika Christensen (“Parenthood”) and Jeremy Sisto (“Six Feet Under”) star in this crime drama that “explores cases during notable eras in Los Angeles’ history.” The series starts out with a couple of serial killers on Sunset Strip, circa 1982.

Wednesday 28

Treasures from the Disney Vault (TCM 6pm) TCM digs up an evening’s worth of rare Disney films, including 1936’s short “Three Little Wolves,” 1949’s feature The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad and a documentary about animation called “The Plausible Impossible” from 1956. Stick around for a few modern treats too, including Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie” short from 1984 and the 1986 made-for-TV special “Mr. Boogedy.”

“The Middle”/ “The Goldbergs”/ “Modern Family”/ “black-ish” (KOAT-7 7/7:30/8/8:30pm) ABC’s Wednesday night sitcoms unite with a quartet of halloween-themed episodes.
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