Week In Sloth: Dane Cook, Foo Fighters And Ghost Hunters

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Thursday 16

“Midnight Feast” (DIY 8pm) Aka “Generic Cooking Competition #219.”

Friday 17

“Dane Cook Troublemaker” (Showtime 8pm) Evidently there are still people out their who think Dane Cook is funny.

“Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways” (HBO 8pm) In order to psych themselves up for a 20th anniversary tour/album, the members of Foo Fighters travel to a different city and record a new song in a different musical style each week. Among the destinations: Chicago, LA, Nashville, New Orleans.

“The Birthday Boys” (IFC 9:30pm) Bob Odenkirk (who’s kind of an honorary Burqueño at this point) executive produces this sketch comedy series, entering its second season tonight.

Saturday 18

“Rabbids Invasion” (Nickelodeon 9:30am) This disarmingly nonsensical cartoon featuring a gaggle of dimwitted alien rabbits (from the popular “Raving Rabbids” video game series) finds our clueless but curious protagonists discovering Halloween for the very first time.

Big Driver (Lifetime 6pm) Maria Bello, Olympia Dukakis and Joan Jett (!) star in this adaptation of a Stephen King novella about a novelist who seeks revenge on the man who assaulted her on a desolate New England road.

“America’s Cutest Pet: Disney Howl-O-Ween Special” (Animal Planet 7pm) One lucky pet will have the honor of being Mickey Mouse’s Grand Marshal for the Disney Halloween Parade—presuming, of course, that animals have a sense of honor and would feel pride marching through a theme park alongside a giant anthropomorphic rodent in short pants.

Finders Keepers (Syfy 7pm) It’s just another evil doll movie, but the cast includes Jamie Pressly (“My Name Is Earl”), Patrick Muldoon (“Melrose Place”), Marina Sirtis (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”) and Tobin Bell (Saw).

“Transporter: The Series” (TNT 7pm) This French-Canadian action-adventure series picks up where the Luc Besson/Robert Mark Kamen film series left off. Chris Vance (“Prison Break”) takes over for Jason Statham as the dude who will drive anything anywhere for a price. Like Lyft, but with more gunplay.

Sunday 19

“The Simpsons” (KASA-2 7pm) Even cynical viewers who say “The Simpsons” isn’t as funny as it used to be still tune in once a year to check out the annual “Treehouse of Horror” ep. Tonight the Roman numerals tick over to XXV.

“Ghost Stalkers” (DA 8pm) What the world needs now is another ghost hunting reality show.

Monday 20

“Kirby Buckets” (Disney XD 6pm) A teenager dreams of becoming a cartoonist and hangs out with a group of animated characters that only he can see—meaning he’s highly imaginative or schizophrenic.

“American Dad” (TBS 7pm) Seth MacFarlane’s cartoon that isn’t “Family Guy” moves from FOX to TBS for its 10th season.

Tuesday 21

“World Series Game 1” (KASA-2 6pm) That can only mean one thing: FOX’ fall season is on hold for a week or two.

Wednesday 22

“Ghost Hunters: 200th Episode Special” (Syfy 7pm) To celebrate their 200th episode, America’s favorite ghost-hunting plumbers return to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum where they can shout, “What was that!” a few more times.
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