Week In Sloth: “Geeks Who Drink,” “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” And “Pig Goat Banana Cricket”

Week In Sloth: “Geeks Who Drink,” “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” And “Pig Goat Banana Cricket”

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Thursday 16

“Geeks Who Drink” (Syfy 9pm) Nerdy America’s favorite excuse to get drunk and recall quotes from The Big Lebowski comes to Syfy, where it was probably always destined to wind up.

“Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” (FX 11pm) Comedian Denis Leary is the creator/star of this comedy about a washed-up rock star who tries to reunite his old band only to find his talented, sexy (not to mention young) daughter usurping his position as lead singer.

Friday 17

“Treasure Quest: Snake Island” (Discovery 8pm) If you can’t get enough docu-reality shows in which people never find the things in the titles—be they ghosts (“Ghost Hunters”), bigfoots (“Finding Bigfoot”) or buried treasure (“The Curse of Oak Island”)—then this series is for you.

Saturday 18

“Pig Goat Banana Cricket” (Nickelodeon 8:30am) No, I did not just have a stroke at the keyboard. That’s the actual name of Nick’s new cartoon about a quartet of roommates (you can work out what they are from the title) who have surreal adventures in a manic, clockwork metropolis.

“MythBusters” (Discovery 7pm) Jamie and Adam (now flying solo) break down that contentious “machine gun” myth from the final episode of “Breaking Bad.”

Sunday 19

Tut (Spike 7pm) Spike’s first miniseries is, oddly enough, this three-night historical drama about King Tutankhamun’s rise to power.

“Raiders, Raptors and Rebels: Behind the Magic of ILM” (Science 8pm) Check out the high-tech wizardry that goes on at the visual effects factory behind everything from Star Wars to The Terminator to Jurassic Park.

Monday 20

Packed in a Trunk: The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson (HBO 7pm) Edith Lake Wilkinson, a troubled artist, was locked away in an asylum in the 1920s. Some 40 years later her great-niece, Academy Award-winning writer and director Jane Anderson, discovered a trunk full of her artwork in an attic. The result is this documentary journey to find the answers to the mystery of Edith’s long-buried life.

Tuesday 21

“Knock Knock Live” (KASA-2 8pm) FOX’ “new next generation LIVE reality TV show” has Ryan Seacrest showing up at random strangers’ doors to host a game show in which anything can happen. You could win a paid-off mortgage, your favorite celebrity could drop by, you could get a surprise marriage proposal. In other words: Producers didn’t bother coming up with a concept.

Wednesday 22

“White People” (MTV 9pm) Filipino journalist (and self-described “illegal immigrant”) Jose Antonio Vargas hosts this documentary about white privilege.

“Home Free” (KASA-2 8pm) FOX muscles in on the home renovation reality show competition category. Watch your ass, HGTV.

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (Syfy 7pm) Cynical, lazy television’s ultimate fulfillment of the “vast wasteland” assessment or irresistibly goofy, self-conscious parody of event television? Feel free to debate amongst yourselves. David Hasselhoff and Bo Derek are in this one. If that helps.
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