Week In Sloth: God Blesses Us With A New Kids In The Hall Series! ... There’s Some Other Stuff On Tv This Week, Too.

The Week In Sloth

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Thursday 19

“PitchMen” (Discovery 7 p.m.) Well, with the death of Billy Mays, we’re down to “Pitch Man .” So our guy Sully goes looking for a replacement.

Friday 20

“The Kids In the Hall: Death Comes to Town” (IFC 8 p.m.) Hold the presses! A new Kids In the Hall series? How great is that? The original gang (Foley, McCulloch, McDonald, McKinney, Thompson) reunite for this six-part “gothic comic murder mystery” about the hunt for the elusive killer of a small-town Canadian mayor.

Saturday 21

Lake Placid 3 (SyFy 7 p.m.) Sadly, since this is not a theatrical film, it’s not gonna be in 3D. Once again, residents (who still don’t seem to grasp the fact that Lake Placid is full of giant, man-eating crocodiles) are kicking the bucket, and it’s up to some nominal authority figure to save the day. Colin Ferguson (“Eureka”) and Yancy Butler (“Witchblade”) star.

Sunday 22

“Delocated!” (Cartoon Network 11 p.m.) Adult Swim’s amusing faux reality show about a family in the witness relocation program enters its second season.

“Swamp People” (History 8 p.m.) Or as I call them: hillbillies minus the hills.

“The Spin Crowd” (E! 11:30 p.m.) This reality show set inside a Hollywood PR firm run by Kim Kardashian’s “closest pals” Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck is kinda like “Entourage”—only less believable.

Monday 23

“2010 Miss Universe Pageant” (KOB-4 8 p.m.) Bret Michaels, a long damn way from his tattooed-groupies-on-the-tour-bus days, hosts the 50-something-year-old beauty pageant live from Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise (HBO 7 p.m.) In this two-night documentary miniseries, Spike Lee returns to New Orleans five years after Hurricane Katrina to follow the reconstruction efforts.

“Chainsaw Ice Sculptors: Challenge Alaska” (TLC 8 p.m. ) Honestly, in the world of chainsaw ice sculpting, I’m thinking Alaska is less of a challenge than, say, Miami.

“The Bains” (A&E 9 p.m.) Who are the Bains and what do they … . Oh, they’ve got 13 kids. And a reality show. Welcome to the club.

Tuesday 24

“Jefferson” (History 7 p.m.) Thomas, not George. More’s the pity.

MADE: The Movie (MTV 11 p.m.) MTV’s radical lifestyle makeover reality show spawns a fictionalized movie, apparently. In it, a geeky high school girl tries to become a cheerleader. Just like in real life, hijinks ensue.

Wednesday 25

“Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?” (ID 8 p.m.) Investigation Discovery’s new series about marriages gone horribly wrong starts out with a woman by the name of Mary Jo Buttafuoco—who, as we all recall, was shot in the head by Drew Barrymore. … At least that’s how I remember it.
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